How to Bet on Daily Fantasy Sports? a Dummies Guide

According to one study, about 38 million people gamble on football specifically, but so many more people gamble on different sports as well.

If you’re thinking about getting into fantasy sports betting, you might first be overwhelmed at all the different ways you can place a bet.

But we’re here to help break it all down for you. So keep reading to find out what some of the best bets to place are!

Fantasy Sports

When most people think of fantasy sports, they think of football. But really, it could be for any sport. Fantasy sports are just a type of game where you create your own virtual team based on real-life players.

You get points based on how your team competes against other virtual sports in your league. You’ll be awarded points, which will determine if you can make it into the next round of playoffs.

Fantasy sports aren’t always as long as the regular season they’re mimicking. For example, if you’re in a football fantasy sports team, the fantasy season normally only lasts until the playoffs and ends.

Other leagues could just be only a week or two, so it really depends on what game you buy into. If you’re interested in fantasy sports betting sites, consider DraftKings for your league!

Scores and Points

Every fantasy sports team has its own way of gaining points. But in general, you will get points for your virtual team based on how your real-life players do in their game.

When you enter into a league, they should clearly tell you what all the rules are and their way of gaining points. Depending on the league you join, sometimes a quarterback in football will win you more points than your running back will.

But in some cases, your kicker could end up winning more points. It all depends on what players you have and what format you bet in.

On DraftKings, you’ll have four points if you get a passing touchdown. But if your team throws for an interception, you’ll lose one point. A rushing touchdown could bring you back up to six points, though.

These are only a few examples of how they keep score in their league, but make sure you read the rules carefully before you start playing!

Different Types of Betting

Just like there are different ways of scoring points, there are different ways you can bet in your fantasy league as well.

For example, you could use spread, props, or over-under betting.

Spread Betting

If you’re a beginner in sports betting, you might want to try spread betting first. It’s a very popular way of betting, especially when it comes to football.

When you place a spread bet, you’re just saying that you’re betting on the margin the other team will beat the losing team by.  Usually, there’s a favorite to win the game and an underdog who will try to beat them.

For example, if you see an “Against the Spread” bet that says -2.5 for the Giants, that means for you to win that bet, the Giants would have to win against the other team by at least three points.

However, if the Giants were playing against the Packers, to win that bet, the Packers would have to lose by less than three points. However, if the Packers won the game, you could also win.

Props Betting

Once you’re more comfortable with spreads betting, you can start working on props betting. This is also called FP betting in some leagues.

You should ensure that you only bet on games around the same price. Never put your money into games that tease you with large prizes. You have a better chance of winning many games with a smaller pool of money.

To win in this type of betting, you must pick which players will score more points in their game. You have to read the stats to ensure you know what you’re betting on.

But even when you do that, it can still be difficult to predict.  You’ll bet on which players will score more points, have more steals, or how well they perform against the other team.

If you’re unsure about which players to choose, there are many tools out there that will help you decide.

Over-Under Betting

When it comes to over-under betting, the wages are pretty simple.

When people talk about over or under, they’re talking about the number of goals, points, or runs a team will score in a game.

You’ll have to decide if a team will go over or under a certain amount of points. If you predicted the amount accurately, you’d be able to win the prize money!

Learn More About Fantasy Sports Betting

These are only a few things to know about online fantasy sports betting, but there are many more things to keep in mind in order to make sure you win as much as possible.

We know that getting into the world of sports betting isn’t easy, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own. We’re here to help you out!

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