How to Boost Your Prescription Supplies During COVID-19

Going to the doctor isn’t really an option with the outbreak of COVID-19. Unless you’re critically ill, the CDC is asking patients to stay home until the peak of the viral outbreak is over.

For some patients, however, not having the right prescription supplies can lead to illness.

Check out this guide on how to refill medicine during the COVID-19 crisis.

How Much Emergency Medication Do I Need?

The COVID-19 outbreak has no definite end date. However, essential businesses like grocery stores stay open to help Americans maintain access to the items they need.

But healthcare experts are recommending that you get prescription drugs way in advance of needing them if a more severe shutdown happens.

In early March 2020, the recommendation was to get a 14-day supply.

Extended lockdown times are making things less clear. Are 4-day prescription supplies enough? Some experts suggest you get prescription supplies to last several months if there’s a drug shortage down the road.

How to Order Prescription Supplies

Calling your insurer is the first step to increasing your prescription supplies. Most insurers have rigid refill schedules to prevent prescription abuse.

Contacting them to get authorization for a larger refill will likely result in long hold times. At the time, however, it was the only path forward for a legal prescription change. In addition, insurers usually relax refill requirements during natural disasters, so there are protocols in place to help you.

As Blue Cross Blue Shield, some insurers are proactive and raise the refill limit before customers ask. This makes the process faster when you go to stock up on supplies.

Online Prescription Resources

Once you have authorization from your insurance company to place new orders, you can contact your local pharmacy or use an online resource.

Online resources are convenient if your city is in lockdown because it means avoiding potentially sick people at your local pharmacy. To get a prescription online, you must have a written prescription from your doctor that includes the doctor’s signature.

Never do business with a pharmacy that promises to sell you medication without a prescription. Instead, make sure the pharmacy has a professional staff who can help answer questions about your refill and verify the transaction.

One of the top benefits of buying prescriptions online is pricing. Many online pharmacies offer competitive pricing or price matching on popular drugs.

This can mean significant savings when you’re trying to stock up on several months’ supply at once. But, first, research prices on your medication to see whether other pharmacists offer any deals.

Preparing Prescription Supplies for COVID-19

The epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak is in New York City, where people are being told to stay home indefinitely.

This is a prime scenario for ordering prescription supplies online instead of risking potential infection in a local pharmacy.

Use your resources to get the best treatment possible by working with your insurer to negotiate how much supply you can receive. For more information and lifestyle tips, check our blog for updates.

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