How to Bring Up Using Sex Toys With Your Partner

In 2019, the global sex toy market reached $28.6 billion, and around 10% of American adults purchased some for self-quarantining during the pandemic. If you’re one of them, you know how much sex toys can rock your world. So why not introduce them to the bedroom where your partner can enjoy them too? If using sex toys sounds interesting and you’d like to share the experience with your partner, then keep reading. We’ll show you ways to have this conversation safely!

Build up Trust First

Typically, it’s a bad idea to ask a brand new partner about sex toys, as it’s way too early in your relationship. Of course, the exception can be one-night stands and other one-off encounters, as everyone should be coming in with an open mind.

Take the time to get to know each other, both mentally and physically. Introducing sex toys can come later when you feel completely comfortable with one another. In the meantime, this article shows you how to hide your toys so they’re not easily discovered.

Don’t Ask in the Heat of the Moment

You might think that you can ease into the conversation by getting your significant other hot and bothered first. But this can backfire, as it can totally spoil the mood if it’s not something they’re into. And you can inadvertently make the bedroom into an unsafe space.

Instead, wait for when you have plenty of time to discuss things and when you’re both in a good mood. If things go alright, it might even spark a session in bed!

Shop for Sex Toys Together

Shopping together can be a wonderful bonding experience. As you browse, you can talk about what you like or dislike about each product. This helps you learn about one another’s preferences!

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this in a physical sex shop, then consider shopping online. It’ll be easier to open up when you’re looking in the comfort of your own home.

Reassure Your Partner

Sex toys should be something extra, not replacements. But some people can feel insecure about them. If your SO expresses insecurity, then reassure them that you love what they do in bed.

On that note, if your sex life isn’t great, this may not be the right time to bring up sex toys. It can send the wrong message to your partner as if they aren’t performing well enough.

Don’t Pressure Them

Not everyone’s into sex toys, and that’s ok. If your partner is uncomfortable with the idea, then don’t pressure them into trying them.

Don’t keep asking them about it either, hoping to change their mind. If they do indeed want some sex toys in the future, let them approach you instead. That way, you know that they’re 100% ready!

Using Sex Toys Can Spice up Your Love Life

Now you know how to bring it up with your significant other if you’re interested in using them. Remember to build up trust, have open and safe communication, and don’t pressure them if they don’t want to get couples’ sex toys. And if they do give you the green light, shopping together can be an excellent experience!

If you want more advice on having fun sex, then keep browsing our blog page!

Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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