How to Burglar Proof Your Home: This Is What You Need to Do

An FBI crime report indicated that a property crime occurred every 4.1 seconds in 2017.

This statistic should not make you live in fear but prompt you to protect your home better. Do you know how to burglar-proof your home?

While a house provides shelter, your home should keep you and your family safe. Keep reading to learn ways to burglar-proof your home.

Install a Burglar Alarm

Do not leave your property unprotected. Install a top-of-the-line alarm.

Burglar alarms create an impossible-to-ignore sound when somebody tries to break in. The loud noise will wake you if you’re sleeping and often scare off potential intruders before they even enter your home.

The more advanced systems protect your home against fire and flood with special sensors and alerts. In addition, wireless technology allows the alarm to notify your cell phone if you are not home.

They also alert emergency services immediately so they can get on the scene quickly. On top of protecting your home, alarms also take liability off of you regarding insurance claims.

Burglar Proof Doors

Add extra security by doubling up on locks for your doors. Keeping a handle lock and a deadbolt will make it more difficult for intruders to jimmy the apparatus.

Strengthen the door jam by installing a strike plate with screws at least 3″ in length and then reinforce it with hardware. For door locks that seem less sturdy, purchase a security stick for doors. Add additional protection by adding a lock onto the screen door and keeping the glass closed up.

Keep intruders from picking locks and entering through sliding glass doors with a unique patio door lock, or you can create make-shift enforcement by throwing a baseball bat into the track so the door cannot slide open.

Light Up Your Property

Burglars like to lurk in the dark. Take that opportunity away, and they will likely pass up your home.

Install sensor lights in potential hiding spots, like the backyard and side of the house. Garden and patio lights look pretty while also making it too light to hide.

Secure Basement Windows

Basement windows offer intruders the perfect opportunity to break in quickly and unseen. So install a security film and bar each window from making breaking in there impossible.

Get a Dog

Canine fur family can sense somebody in the yard before they make it to the house. Burglars usually scout out places before breaking in, and seeing a big dog may make them cross you off the list.

Even a little pup will deter them. Barking will keep everybody alert and hopefully scare the burglar away.

Use These Tips on How to Burglar Proof Your Home

Now that you know how to burglar-proof your home, you can create a safer space for yourself and your family. Make it more of a hassle than it is worth for intruders.

Staying up to date with technology will help keep your home safe in an intelligent way. Read about new tech on our website!

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