How to Choose Flowers for a Wedding

Are you having trouble picking what flowers to have at your wedding? Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with all the options to choose from or can’t seem to figure out which one works best. Whichever it is, we have the answers you need.

The flowers you pick for your big day can affect the impact of the entire ceremony. Moreover, it holds great meaning and could be a memory close to your heart for the rest of your life. But the question is, how do you find the right one?

Here’s a quick guide on picking flowers for wedding bouquets and other venue arrangements.

Have a Budget

Your wedding flowers should still be part of your budget during the planning phase. This way, you know how much you allocate for it and see where the flowers will go.

Will you invest it in the bouquet? Are you placing arrangements on every table? These questions help you decide how comfortable you and your partner are with spending on flowers alone.

At the same time, it gives you specific options to choose from based on the cost.

Check the Meaning

You can make your wedding bouquet extra special by learning the meaning of different flowers and choosing from there. It lets you pick flowers that work well with the ceremony and hold high sentimental value.

Besides the actual definition of each flower, you can consider one that holds meaning for you and your partner. For example, if your partner gave you tulips on your first date, you can use those.

Adding meaning to little portions of your wedding can help build the atmosphere and make it heartfelt for you and your partner.

Start With Your Dress

You want to be sure your bridal bouquet complements your dress in color and style. This way, you can make your outfit feel more put together.

One way to test it is by holding the bouquet or flower next to your dress. Check if the color is enough to make it stand out but not gather too much attention. At the same time, see if the style and shape match your dress and how you look overall.

Consider Your Theme

It’s vital to ensure your bridal flowers go with the theme. In most cases, it refers to your wedding color scheme.

Let’s say you’re going for an elegant theme with emerald as the primary color. You can choose flowers that give off the same energy and work well with the rich concept, such as roses. But if you’re theme is more light, you can use daisies or carnations with it.

Know What’s In-Season

It’s best to pick wedding flowers based on the plants in-season by the big day. It assures you that the flowers are in bloom and lets you reduce costs from buying ones out-of-season.

If you’re buying them early, it’s good to go through options you can still replace by the wedding day. You can also check flowers that have a long shelf life.

Pick the Perfect Flowers for Wedding With These Tips

When you choose flowers for wedding bouquets and arrangements, you should consider several factors that affect the overall event. It includes the theme, colors, and even personal value of the flowers.

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