How to Choose the Best PCP

Did you know that in 2020, 860.4 million physician visits took place in the United States? This alone speaks volumes about how necessary primary care providers are for the public. However, choosing a primary care provider can be difficult, as there are many factors to take into consideration when making this choice. If you are unsure of how to find the best PCP for you, read on to learn about some things to consider when choosing a doctor.

Choosing a Good PCP

When it comes to choosing a good primary care physician, factors such as location, bedside manner, and reviews are important to consider and look into.

Let’s get into these factors in more detail and why they make a doctor good or bad.

Are They In-Network With Your Insurance?

Before setting an appointment, it is important to check and see if the office you are considering going to is in-network with your insurance plan.

You can figure this out either by calling the doctor’s office and asking or by calling the insurance company.

If you find out a particular office is not in-network with your insurance, they can usually refer you to someone who is, or your insurance company can give you a list of doctors that are in-network with your plan. This helps you easily narrow your options down.

Location of the Office

What is the distance between where you live and the doctor’s office you are considering going to?

Some people may have certain limits on how they can travel and get to places, including a doctor’s visit. Seeing if the primary care location is within a reasonable distance will help you decide whether or not this doctor is a good fit.

Reviews and Referrals

Looking into the reviews given by current and former patients of doctors can give you a good insight into how well their practice is run.

Asking friends, family, or even another healthcare provider you may be seeing for a referral is another thing you can do. Getting referrals can make choosing a good doctor easier.

Bedside Manners

A good doctor will have a proper bedside manner.

Bedside manner in good doctors:

  • Good and clear communication
  • Cultural acceptance
  • Good relationships with patients
  • Engaging and kind personalities

Not only should the doctor have these necessary ways of treating their patients, but so should the staff that works with them.

Making sure the receptionists, nurses, and other staff members treat you with kindness and respect will tell you if an office is a good place to go.

Get the Healthcare You Deserve

Now you have an idea of some factors to consider when choosing a good PCP.

Seeing a primary care provider at least yearly for physicals is important to make sure you are in good health. These yearly visits are especially important if you have one or more health conditions.

To learn more about primary care providers and these lists, look through our Health and Fitness category.

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