How to Deal With Death in the Family: Your Complete Guide

Dealing with a death in the family is one of the hardest things you’ll have to face.

You want to be vital for your other family members but feel like falling apart. You want to manage your emotions, but that feels impossible. Above all, you want the person you lost back.

All these feelings are normal.

Breathe, cry, and read our guide to coping with a death in the family.

Remember That Everyone Responds to Grief Differently

When you lose a loved one, it’s easy to feel dissatisfied with or upset by another family member’s response to the loss.

You may think they don’t seem sad enough or that they seem to want to dwell in their situational depression.

Learn more about situational depression and what you can do about it from this BetterHelp article.

Try to remember that everyone has a different response to loss and grief. While some may prefer to grieve publicly and have lots of support around them, others may want to grieve in private.

Permit your family members to grieve in a way that works for them. Please resist the temptation to judge or snap at them.

Talk About It

One of the most challenging parts of bereavement is knowing the right way to talk about grief.

This is true when it relates to surviving family members, your friends, and even your feelings about death in the family.

Don’t bottle up your emotions. Let them out and talk to people who care about you instead. Ask for what you need right now. You’re not being selfish — you’re asking for support and a listening ear.

Share funny memories of the loved one or talk about how their death has you feeling lonely and sad.

You can even start a grief journal (these tips will help you get started.)

Always talk to a mental health professional if you feel like your depression and anguish at the loss are taking total control of your life.

Plan the Right Celebration of Life

Finally, remember that planning a funeral or another celebration of life is a great way to distract yourself and honor your loved one’s memory simultaneously.

Read passages from their favorite books, know the right people to invite, and even have an event honoring them at their beloved local spot.

Try to include something that highlights the departed interests or hobbies.

If they love fashion, ask everyone to dress for the service. If they loved getting letters, have everyone write a letter to them, attach them to a balloon, and release it into the sky.

These activities will help everyone grieve.

Dealing with a Death in the Family Never Gets Easier

Every time you experience a death in the family, you’ll go through various emotions primarily out of your control.

The loss never gets easier, so don’t try to rush through the process or deny your feelings.

Instead, try to stay healthy, surround yourself with friends, and ride out your grief.

If you’d like to find other websites dedicated to helping you to deal with grief or planning funeral services, rely on our blog to connect you to the online communities you need.

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