How to Find Ford Keyless Entry Code By VIN Number

Have you ever locked your car and forgotten the key? Or have you mistakenly locked the key inside the vehicle? Then you might have come across an idea of getting a keyless entry code to your car. 

There is a keyless entry code to unlock your car. Those crucial entry codes are a lifesaver for people who constantly mislay their keys. Still, entry codes can be fluently forgotten as well, especially if you do not use that system frequently. 

You can use the VIN number to get that keyless entry code. You can even get to know about the vehicle. For this, you can order a VIN lookup online and check your VIN number. 

How to Find Ford Keyless Entry Code By VIN Number

How To Find Your Keyless Entry Code By VIN 

If you drive a Ford Explorer, then you are probably familiar with the keyless entry pad on the driver’s side door. (It’s the five-button numeric keypad). 

Generally, the vehicle comes with a 5- number dereliction plant law that can be reset by the proprietor of the vehicle. The owner can set the law sequence to whatever they want for added security and for the purpose of remembering in case of an exigency. 

Oftentimes, a used vehicle is sold, and the entry code is not given to the new owner. You can always resort to the default code, but if you do not remember it or have it written down also, it will not do you any favors.  

In the event that you’re locked out of your motor vehicle and forget your code, there are many styles that work for changing the keyless entry code. 

How To Reset The Code

Hopefully, the owner’s manual is not locked inside your vehicle, along with your keys! 

Still, you can check it for the factory default code, If you have the proprietor’s manual to your vehicle handy. This should be in the proprietor’s carry-on card, which is generally kept in the glove chamber. 

Still, you can find the factory code on the marker of the RemoteAnti-Theft (RAP) module, If the proprietor’s primer is lost. This is generally located on the left panel toward the reverse of your vehicle. This panel should be removable with a screwdriver. 

Once you have your hands on the factory code, you can reset the code by first entering the five-number factory code. After you have entered the factory code, do by pressing the first two numbers on the keypad — This would be the 1-2 key. 

By pressing these digits within five seconds of entering the factory code, the doors of your vehicle will lock and unleash to signal that the code you entered is correct. 

Once you admit the signal, you can reset the code by entering your own particular five-number law (within five seconds). The vehicle will lock and unlock formerly again as evidence that your new code has been entered rightly. 

It’s important to know that the factory code can in no way be overwritten. You can only over-write your or the former owner’s particular code. The factory code will always work.  

Some vehicles come equipped with a memory recall point in which you can store your settings by pressing the 1-2 button after entering your new code. 

Contact The Dealer

On the off chance that your production line code is mysteriously absent, you can generally call your nearby Ford seller or technician. On the off chance that you go this course, it very well might be expensive as the technician or expert should connect your vehicle to a PC to see the diagnostics. 

This is actually the best way to reset your Ford’s keyless section framework without the industrial facility code. Obviously, you’ll need to give evidence of proprietorship for security purposes.

Locate Your VIN Number

Your VIN number is your Vehicle Identification Number. It is a unique code assigned to every manufactured motor vehicle. Think of it as a social security number for your vehicle. Your VIN number is a single line of 17 numbers and letters without spacing. 

You can discover the VIN number of your vehicle in various spaces of the vehicle. Following are the common areas to discover the VIN number: 

  • On the dashboard of the driver-side windshield, it very well may be seen sitting on the driver’s seat or, in any event, remaining external the vehicle, 
  • On the entryway jam on the driver’s side, 
  • On the motor square, 
  • On the back tire well of the driver’s side, 
  • Under the extra wheel, 
  • On the Insurance paper, 
  • On the enrollment paper or other significant archives of the vehicle.

As the vehicle is locked, you can definitely not look for the VIN number inside the car. So, you have plenty of options to get the VIN number. 

Once you get the VIN number, you can now use it to open the keyless code. 

Other Purpose Of VIN

The VIN number is also used to know details about your vehicle. You can search for the VIN number in the Ford VIN decoder tool and fetch a lot of information about the vehicle. 

Keyless Entry Code

You will get details like the vehicle’s manufacturing year, the place of manufacturing, the type, and style of engine, the place of assembly of the car, etc. 

Also, you can get to know about the vehicle’s history, accident records, its theft records, maintenance history of the vehicle, safety recalls, and other important information about your ford vehicle. 


If you ever get your ford car locked and you don’t have your key, now you can unlock it using a keyless entry code by using the VIN number. The factory code will help you unlock the car. You can enter the 5-digit factory code in the numeric keypad. 

You, as an owner, can even reset the code of that numeric keypad and remember the reset code to unlock your ford the next time such a situation arises. 

From now on, you will never feel helpless if you ever get your ford car locked without a key with you. 

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