How To Help Someone Stop Drinking

About 80 percent of people over the age of 18 that were surveyed reported that they’d consumed alcohol in their lifetime.

While many people can drink alcohol without a problem, some get into trouble and become alcoholics.

Since you’re trying to learn how to help someone stop drinking, you likely have someone in your life that is struggling with being an alcoholic. Continue reading this article, and we will talk with you about what to do when you care about an alcoholic.

1. Keep The Lines Of Communication Open

Unless you let the person you care about know that you are worried about them, they aren’t going to know. So while these conversations may be difficult, it is necessary to have them if you want to help this person.

Be ready for some backlash, but try to stay calm when dealing with them.

2. Have Clear Examples Of Why You Think They Have A Problem

Before you talk to the person and tell them that they have a problem, you should have clear examples of why you believe they have a problem.

Did they show up to an event drunk or get drunk at an event and cause a scene? Did they fall and hurt themselves because they got so drunk they couldn’t control themselves?

If these types of things happen often, you should point out how frequently they occur and why that is a problem.

3. Don’t Drink Around The Person

When you know this person has a problem, you mustn’t drink around the person.

When they see you drinking, it will likely make them want to drink with you. But, even if they don’t want to drink with you, they might not think you were serious about your conversation and their drinking problem.

4. Don’t Enable Them

Even though we love people, we shouldn’t bail them out of difficult situations and allow the behavior to continue.

If you notice that you are enabling the person and doing things for them that they are capable of doing for themselves, you should stop immediately. They need to learn how to be self-sufficient, which won’t happen if you keep helping them do the things they should be doing for themselves.

5. Look For Professional Help

If the person in your life isn’t responding to your attempts to help them or help themselves, you may need to look for professional help.

Going to an alcohol rehab center could be the exact thing that they need to get through this challenging situation.

How To Help Someone Stop Drinking – Now You Know

Now you know how to help someone stop drinking, and you understand more about what you’re up against with an alcoholic in your life.

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