How to Install Car Tweeters in Any Car

Tweeters are a key part of any car audio system. These are the loudspeakers that produce sounds in the upper/higher frequency range. They provide balance for your woofers and subwoofers, which are responsible for delivering that bass that keeps you thumping down the road!

If you’re handling your car speaker installation on your own, then it’s important to install these components the right way. Today, we’re sharing how to add car tweeters to your setup and the difference they’ll make.

1. Turn Off the Power

Before you start working on your tweeter speakers, you’ll need to cut the power to your car off at its source. To do so, disconnect the negative terminal from your battery.

If you skip this step, it could present a risk to your personal safety and the safety of your vehicle. In addition to experiencing an electric shock, you could also short-circuit your car’s electrical system or damage its internal components.

2. Find and Remove Existing Speakers

Next, you’ll need to identify the location of your existing speakers and tweezers. They could be mounted in a few different locations within your vehicle, including:

  • On the sail panel (top corner of the door window)
  • On the “A” pillar (crook between the front windshield and front door)
  • Built into the dashboard

The removal process will vary based on where you are located. For instance, if the speakers are in the car door, then you’ll need to remove the panel. You’ll need to take off the front dashboard panel to get to them if they’re built into the dash.

Once you’ve reached them, unscrew the existing speakers and carefully disconnect the wires. Remember that if you plan to surface-mount your new tweeters, you won’t need to do any internal reconfiguration. When you’re ready to spring for a new model, you can find pro audio tweeters online with just one click!

3. Locate and Connect the Crossover

The crossover is a built-in component of your car’s audio system. It filters the different frequencies that travel through your speakers, delivering a balanced sound.

Check your manual for the exact location if you’re unsure where yours are. In most vehicles, the crossover is located inside the car door panel.

Once you find the crossover, you should see two binding posts labeled “Highpass.” Unscrew the caps and insert the new speaker wires into the holes on these posts, paying close attention to positive and negative correlations. Most are color-coded so that you can line them up correctly.

Secure the wires in place by screwing the caps back on the posts.

4. Wire the Car Tweeters

Next, attach the other end of the speaker wires to your tweeter. Again, there will be capped binding posts on the tweeter, so you’ll need to remove the caps first.

Insert the speaker wires into the holes, and replace the caps to keep them firmly in place. If you’re using more than one tweeter, then repeat the previous two steps for each one to connect them to your crossover via speaker wires.

When you’re done, reconnect the battery and turn on the radio in your car. Listen to the audio and check that there are no vibrations, and you should be ready to ride!

Amplify Your Road Sound

Old or worn-out car tweeters can affect the overall quality of your vehicle’s sound. It’s worth investing in new, higher-quality ones to solve the problem. If you can install them yourself, you’ll save time and money at the mechanic’s shop, so keep this guide handy!

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