How to Make Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets Work with Your Style

Home interiors are more personal than ever before. The same can be said for home, in particular. From art to furniture, your home represents who you are and what you love. If there’s something that you love more than anything else, it’s your kitchen. Green kitchen cabinets are a very modern trend that is quickly becoming the new norm. Even more, they’re a trend that allows homeowners to express something more personal than a standard painting or wallpaper setup.

You can take this trend and twist it any way you want in your kitchen. You may be wondering how to make sage green kitchen cabinets work for you in particular.

Keep reading for some tips and tricks for personalizing your favorite room.

Go with Black

If you’re looking to make sage green kitchen cabinets work with your style, try going with black. Black is a great neutral color that can bring out the subtle nuances in sage green. Black appliances, hardware, and accents can all work to complement the sage green.

It adds a contemporary feel to a modern kitchen. Consider using the following  to give a unified design effect:

  • black backsplash tiles
  • black countertops
  • black fixtures

Experiment with different textures such as black matte, glossy, or textured finishes to bring out the depth of the cabinets. Incorporate black elements such as light fixtures or art to add more sophistication to the space.

Furthermore, you can pair sage green cabinets with white walls to make the black accents really pop. Once you’re sure with the Cabinet Refinishing into sage green, you can now incorporate black to create a stunning look that reflects your style.

Use Natural Elements

Sage green kitchen cabinets can work with your style by using natural elements throughout the space. A natural wood countertop will create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Wooden floors, a jute rug, and a dark wood dining table will further create a cozy atmosphere. Utilize natural stone accents such as marble backsplash tiles and incorporate greenery throughout the space.

Place a few potted plants on the countertop or even hang some on the wall for a fresh pop of color. A round wooden serving board will also bring in a natural look and provide a rustic touch. Bringing nature into the kitchen will create balance and flow with the sage green cabinets.

Go Rustic

To make a sage green kitchen work with a rustic style, use colors from nature like browns and muted yellows. Choose wide plank wood flooring in a light neutral color that brings a sense of warmth to the room.

To create a rustic look, use reclaimed woods that have been weathered to perfection. A wooden island or table with a butcher block top also adds a welcome dose of rusticity.

White subway tile or rustic stone for the backsplash can finish off the look. Painted white cabinets and accents of natural elements-like aged copper or black wrought iron hardware-will tie the sage green kitchen to the rustic style.

Keep the décor minimal in order to let the darker colors and natural wood elements pop. Finally, hang a few old-fashioned pendant lights for a touch of modern antiquity.

Incorporating Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets Into Your Home

Sage green kitchen cabinets offer a unique and beautiful way to tie together the look and feel of your kitchen – whether your style is modern, traditional, or contemporary.

With careful planning and the help of a professional, you can turn your dream kitchen into reality.

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Diana Muniz
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