How to Make Your Child Less Scared of the Dentist

Over 60% of people worldwide have dental fear. About one-third of the US population avoids going to the dentist as a result. If your child is scared of dentist visits, they could put their oral health at risk.

Instead, use these tips to help your child feel less scared of the dentist. With these tips, you can use exposure therapy to ease their discomfort. In time, they might even look forward to appointments.

Read on to prepare your child for their next kid’s dentist appointment today.

Schedule Routine Checkups

First, make sure to have your child visit the dentist from a young age. They should have their first appointment scheduled no later than their first birthday. Don’t worry; the first appointment is usually informational.

Visiting the dentist from a young age can help your child feel more comfortable at the dentist’s office.

Make sure to schedule routine visits (twice a year), too. Routine appointments can help ensure visiting the dentist feels normal. In addition, your child might feel less nervous about checkups if they know they’re coming.

Choose the Right Dentist

Make sure to choose the right kids’ dentist before your child’s first appointment.

Look for a dentist other parents already love and trust. Choose someone who specializes in treating children, too. These dentists are accustomed to patients who have a fear of the dentist.

They likely have tips and tricks that can help you ease your child’s fears.

You can find a dentist near me to get started.

Consider Sedation Dentistry

Ask your local pediatric dentist if they offer sedation dentistry services.

Sedation density can help your child relax during the appointment. Meanwhile, the dentist will easily ensure your child receives the dental care they need.

Consider What You Say

If you’re afraid of the dentist yourself, remain wary about what you say in front of your child.

Avoid words like filling, drilling, or X-rays. Otherwise, these words can trigger your child’s dental anxiety.

Set a Good Example

Set a good example. Show your child you prioritize oral health and visit the dentist regularly.

Setting a good example while your child is young could encourage them to mimic your behavior. Empathizing good oral hygiene at home can help them feel more comfortable with the process. You can minimize their need for dental intervention, too.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Consider rewarding your child for good behavior after appointments.

Avoid prizes that involve candy or treats, though. Instead, reward them with a trip to the park or movies. Your child will start associating positive emotions with visiting a kids’ dentist.

Help Your Child Feel Less Scared of Dentist Visits

Your child’s fear of the dentist could compromise their oral health. Before that can happen, help your child feel less scared of dentist visits using these tips. In time, they’ll become more comfortable with their kids’ dentist.

Then, you can help them understand the importance of their oral health to ensure stunning, squeaky-clean teeth.

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