How to Organize an Outdoor Event

If you’ve been following along with the CDC’s guidelines during this unusual time, then you know that outdoor events are the way to go this spring and summer. Planning an outdoor event requires many of the same steps as planning an indoor event. You have to decide on a location, a guest list, activities, food, and more.

However, there are also special considerations you have to make when planning an outdoor event. Without the normal amenities and facilities that an indoor venue can offer, you have to take a few extra steps to make sure that your outdoor event is successful and accommodating.

Read on to learn more about these special considerations in our guide to planning an outdoor event.

Get a Permit and Know the Ordinances

When you’re planning an indoor event, you can usually count on the venue manager to know (and tell you) all of the rules. Outdoor events, however, tend to require a permit. You also need to familiarize yourself with local ordinances such as noise, safety codes, and even curfews.

Tackle the Logistics

Outdoor events tend to involve tons of different vendors, from catering to the seating to the entertainment. Make sure that you have a detailed layout of how your outdoor space will be set up and where vendors should park during load-in and load-out. Additionally, make sure you have a power plan–this can require some heavy-duty extension cords and a working knowledge of the power load per each available plug.

Don’t Forget Important Amenities and Facilities

As we mentioned earlier, one of the biggest differences in planning an outdoor event versus an indoor event is that you have to provide amenities and facilities. This can include seating, heating devices, and accessible walkways. An absolute must for any outdoor event, however, is the portable toilet–this is one step you absolutely cannot skip unless you want every guest to stay no longer than an hour or two! Keep track of all that you need with a fridge planner.

Make a Bad Weather Plan

On a gorgeous day, nothing beats an outdoor event. However, the weather is completely out of your control, and you need to have a plan in case you’re hit with something like rain or thunder. Consider using tents and awnings to create covered spaces, and make sure you know whether or not you can reschedule in the event of a severe storm.

Cover These Steps For a Successful Outdoor Event

Outdoor events are the way to go this spring and summer. Planning an outdoor event takes many of the same steps as planning an indoor event. However, there are certain things–such as power and restrooms–that require special consideration when you can’t rely on an indoor venue.

Looking for ways to boost the entertainment at your outdoor event? Take a look at our entertainment section and get a sense of what’s trending, what people are looking for, and how you can make sure that your outdoor event is one for the books.

Carla Gayou
Carla Gayou

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