How to Repair a Fiberglass Boat with Holes

Repairing a boat with holes can cost you hundreds of dollars, but knowing a few tips will prevent you from breaking the bank.

Although repairing holes can seem tricky, it’s something that all owners should know to avoid wasting a ton of time and money.

Holes will not only make your boat look bad but also prevent it from performing at its best and cause further damage. To help you, we’ll outline the main steps you should go through to fix holes in your boat.

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Buy a Fiberglass Patch Kit

It would help if you considered buying a fiberglass patch kit when you want to repair a boat with holes. These kits come with most things people need to repair holes, but they should only be used for smaller ones. If your boat has a large hole, you’ll need to go through various steps to repair it.

When buying a fiberglass patch kit, you’ll find many different options. However, if you check out this blog, you can get a better idea of which kits are better than others.

Cut Circles Around the Holes and Bevel Them

To start repairing your fiberglass boat, you’ll need to cut clean circles around the holes. Then, when you use the boat again, these circles will be much easier to fill and maintain.

After cutting the holes, you must bevel the edges to match the shape of your hull. From there, you must place something behind the hole so you can place the new fiberglass.

If you use heavy-duty duct tape behind the hole, you’ll have an easier time preventing the fiberglass from going through.

Fill the Holes

The last step involves filling the holes with new fiberglass. Again, you can start by placing a few layers of fiberglass, then chip away anything sticking out from the hole.

To reinforce the fiberglass, take a clear piece of plastic and trace the outline of the filled hole. You’ll put this plastic on top of the fiberglass, then apply a coat of mixed vinyl ester resin and hardener to the surface.

Ensure there aren’t any air pockets or wrinkles with your paintbrush. Place some peel ply over the repair and gently pat the edges with your brush before letting it sit for an hour.

When it’s dry, start sanding the repair and clean it with acetone. Mix a batch of gel coat that matches the color of your hull and apply it with a spray nozzle. When that coat hardens, you can use acetone and wet sanding to make your boat hull look as good as new.

Repairing a Boat with Holes Is That Easy

While you’ll need to go through a few steps to repair a boat with holes, the process is simple. If your boat currently has a hole, we encourage you to start looking for a fiberglass patch kit so you can fix it as soon as possible. You’ll have no problems with boat repair by providing your reference with this info.

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