How to Tell If You Need Braces: 5 Signs It’s Time to Straighten Things Out

In the US, 4 million people are currently wearing braces.

No wonder this great nation is known worldwide for its beautiful teeth! Are you wondering whether it’s time to get braces?

In this article, we’ll look at how to tell if you need braces so you can book your appointment with your orthodontist! Let’s get started.

1. Your Teeth Are Crooked or Crowded

This is the most obvious sign that you need braces. In addition, braces can be life-changing if you choose never to show your teeth when you smile or feel self-conscious while talking.

Not only will straight teeth boost your confidence, but they may also help you get a date. Unfortunately, it’s been shown that bad teeth are a dating turn-off for many adults.

Furthermore, straight teeth are much easier to clean and maintain, meaning you’ll have a beautiful set of pearly whites for much longer.

2. You Bite the Inside of Your Mouth

We’ve all been there, you’re enjoying a delicious meal, and suddenly you bite down hard on the inside of your mouth. It’s a painful meal-ruiner.

If this conundrum is happening to you regularly, it’s time to consider braces. Unfortunately, this problem can’t be solved without intervention. Braces work by putting pressure onto your teeth and moving them slightly until they’re perfectly in place.

3. Your Teeth Don’t Close Properly

Do you notice that your teeth never close properly when your mouth is closed?

Depending on your oral health, you should see your dentist at least once per year. Ask for their opinion on your over or underbite when you’re there. This will help you determine whether you need to see your orthodontist.

4. Your Jaw Regularly Clicks

Do you wake up to a clicking sound in your jawline? Although this is a common problem, it signifies that you must start wearing braces.

You will correct your bite by choosing braces, quickly resolving the issue of a clicking jaw. However, it will usually take around two years for your braces to correct your bite.

5. You Breathe Through Your Mouth

Breathing through your mouth can cause many problems, such as crooked teeth, poor growth in children, and gum disease in adults.

You may not notice that you are a mouth breather, but a few simple signs may include snoring, fatigue, bad breath, and even brain fog.

There may be a range of underlying reasons you breathe through your mouth. But, whatever the cause, it’s time to see your dentist for help in solving this problem.

Now You Know How to Tell If You Need Braces

Many signals indicate that you need braces. But, the honest answer to the question of how to tell if you need braces is to see a professional.

Both your dentist and orthodontist can help you figure out whether braces could seriously improve your quality of life.

Wearing braces can change your life. Visit our website to learn more valuable ways to improve your quality of life!

Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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