I’m With the Band: What Does a Band Manager Do?

Have you always dreamed of being in a band? If so, you’re not alone.

After all, what could be more fun and exciting than being on the road performing awesome music to adoring fans? And yet not everyone has the necessary talent or charisma to make a living as a professional musician.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be on stage to be a vital part of a band. Every touring band needs a manager to keep the operation running smoothly. This article takes a look at what a band manager does so that you can see if this might be the job you’ve been looking for.

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Keep the Band On Schedule

For starters, a band manager is tasked with keeping the entire operation on track. This means setting the schedule for every stop on tour, booking hotels, coordinating with local promoters, getting everyone fed, and making sure the venue is reading at the time of each performance.

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Advise the Band On Every Career Decision

Success in the music business isn’t guaranteed. Every band needs a manager with the instincts and skills to help with career strategy. Small decisions will be made every day of the week and big decisions that can make or break a band.

A good manager should have a cool head and always be thinking ahead.

Collaborate with Booking Agents

Being a touring band means booking as many concert dates as possible. After all, performing live is one of the keys to making a living as a performing artist. Solid music management will be skilled at working with book agents to secure the best dates and venues possible.

Publicize the Band

Once you have concert dates set, you’ll need to publicize those concerts. This is easier said than done and will require a ton of energy. A manager is responsible for scheduling interviews with the band and getting the word out through every available media channel.

Network with Other Bands

When it comes to touring, bands can help each other. Rather than having a single band performing at each venue, you can increase publicity and buzz by coordinating with other bands to tour together.

This will help maximize audience size and really get people excited. Just keep in mind that you’ll need great networking skills in order to build these relationships.

Secure Deals with Recording Labels

Learning how to manage a band requires more than just riding on a tour bus. It always requires a solid business mind that can help secure recording deals. This is an important revenue stream, so you must be skilled at reading and understanding legal contracts and then negotiating for better terms.

Help Members of the Band to Get Along with Each Other

Keep in mind that being in a band isn’t easy. After all, personalities will clash. This is because the band members will spend long hours together daily. Thus a music manager must understand how to keep everyone happy to produce the best music possible.

The Complete Guide to What a Band Manager Does

A career in the music business can be exciting. It’s also a lot of work. Fortunately, this guide to what a band manager does will help you decide whether this is your ideal career path.

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