5 Important Things to Do When You Get a New Laptop

Did you get a laptop and are excited to take your new toy for a spin? Don’t get ahead of yourself! After you take it out of the box, there should be a few things on your to-do list.

You want your laptop to work at its peak functionality. Plus, this is a big purchase. You want to be sure it’s protected. That means setting it up for success right away. Not sure where to start? Read on to learn five things to do when you get a new laptop.

1. Install Anti-Theft Software

Getting your laptop stolen is a nightmare. For many people, it’s their livelihood. If it’s taken, you may be unable to do your work. If you can’t do your work, you can’t pay for a new laptop!

That’s why you have to set up anti-theft software right away. Windows 10 laptops come with a Find My Device option already installed. If you have a Mac or Linux, you’ll have to install something. Prey is a popular anti-theft option. They have a free, basic version, but you can also upgrade to the paid service.

2. Update the Operating System

Your laptop is new to you, but it still needs an update. If you bought it from a store or online, it could have been sitting in a warehouse for a while. If you bought it used, you should also update the operating system.

Regularly updating your operating system is hugely important. It makes your computer less vulnerable to cyber threats. It will also keep it running smoothly.

3. Install Anti-Virus Software

Updating your operating system will help eliminate some virus possibilities. But, it’s still a good idea to install anti-virus software on your laptop. That’s true for any brand you buy.

You can pay for software that will give you the most protection. If you don’t have that in your budget, you can use Malwarebytes. A paid service will keep you protected automatically. You’ll have to run Malwarebytes manually.

4. Protect It From Harm

A laptop case and a keyboard protector can keep your computer safe from bumps, crumbs, and spills. This will keep it working properly and looking clean.

Another accessory that you might not realize protects your laptop is a desk tray. Laptops are very susceptible to dust, and using a tray will minimize the amount it comes in contact with.

5. Make It Your Own

When the other four steps are complete, it’s time to make the laptop your own! Customize your computer wallpaper with images that spark your creativity. Get a computer bag that’s fun or professional. Laptops don’t have to look boring. You can make it reflect you and your personality.

The 5 Things to Do When You Get a New Laptop

Get on these five things to do when you get a new laptop. You want your new computer to last for years to come. If you take care of it, you’ll extend its life significantly.

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Carla Gayou
Carla Gayou

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