6 Interesting Facts About Cannabis

Did you know that William Shakespeare smoked cannabis? George Washington grew hemp, too. Cannabis has cropped up in all kinds of weird places and strange situations over the years. Thanks to its long history and immense popularity, there are dozens of interesting facts about cannabis that the average person has never heard.

If you’re a fan of the green stuff or just want some interesting trivia to share with friends, keep reading. This article will cover six bizarre cannabis facts you might not know.

1. It’s Been Around a Long Time

People have known about the unique properties of the cannabis plant for thousands of years. Traders from the Yamnaya culture were selling cannabis across Europe and East Asia in the Bronze Age.

Ancient Egyptians used marijuana for several things, such as the treatment of glaucoma. Even before that, people in modern-day China used hemp to decorate pottery.

2. Hemp vs. Marijuana

You probably know that hemp and marijuana are related, but you might not know exactly how. They’re actually the same plant–but that doesn’t mean that hemp is one of the many cannabis strains on the market.

The distinction between hemp and marijuana is a legal one. It comes down to the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) a plant has. Plants with low THC can’t get you high; they’re considered hemp, not marijuana.

3. It Has Many Medical Applications

The Egyptians we mentioned earlier were onto something–the cannabis plant has many medical uses, including the treatment of glaucoma! It’s also helpful in easing pain and increasing appetites.

Cannabis is a particularly effective medication because it has very few serious side effects. The worst side effect you’re likely to get from cannabis is dizziness or drowsiness.

4. The First Online Sale

One of the strangest marijuana facts is that weed was the first item to be sold online. In the early ’70s, some Standford University students arranged to purchase marijuana from some MIT students via ARPANET.

It was far from a standard online sale–ARPANET was the precursor to today’s internet, and the sale was, of course, illegal.

5. No Lethal Overdose

Unlike other drugs, you’re not at risk of a lethal overdose from marijuana consumption. To induce a fatal overdose, you’d have to smoke thousands of pounds of marijuana in minutes–an impossible feat.

That’s not to say that there are no health risks, however. There’s some evidence that cannabis can lead to heart problems in some rare cases.

6. Legalization Is Spreading

As the public perception of cannabis shifts, the government has felt more pressure to legalize marijuana. Half of the states in the union have already decriminalized small amounts of marijuana.

There are a further 8 states that may legalize the substance in the near future; at that point, it will only be illegal in a third of the country.

Enjoy These Interesting Facts About Cannabis

We’ve only scratched the surface of interesting facts about cannabis; as marijuana consumption continues to grow across the nation, more fascinating information is sure to come to light about this popular plant.

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