5 Key Methods of Cleaning You Must Use in Your Small Business

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about new rules of operating for businesses of all shapes and sizes. To keep customers and workers safe, business owners should establish new guidelines. These include keeping a social distance from each other, washing hands frequently, and strict protocols for cleaning and disinfecting. Keep reading to discover five essential methods of cleaning and disinfecting your small business premises and keeping everyone safe and protected.

1. Clean and Disinfect All Surfaces

During the pandemic, your business needs to adopt sanitizing methods that everyone in the building/office will adhere to. For example, cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, especially frequently touched surfaces, should be a daily chore.

These include doorknobs, electronics, faucets, glasses and dishes, tables, employee check-in areas, and water coolers. You should also use a sanitary hose in your production facilities to ensure everything is clean and disinfected for your workers’ and customers’ health.

2. Clean the Restrooms At Least Twice a Day

Restrooms are public areas of common use and need to be cleaned several times a day. If your business doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic and only your employees use the restrooms, you can clean them once to twice a day.

The best ways to clean and disinfect the restrooms are: using a detergent, a bleach solution, 70% rubbing alcohol, and warm water.

3. Have Hand Sanitizers and Wipes Available

One of the best sanitary measures to take for your business is to have hand sanitizers and wipes available at all times. This way, you’ll encourage employees and customers to use them whenever they enter your premises and after using the bathroom, handling money, eating food, or touching common surfaces.

Put hand sanitizers on every table, desk, work surface, restroom, common area, and entrance. You can also install hand sanitizers on the walls so everyone can access them on the go.

4. Remove Food Waste and Garbage

Food waste and garbage during the COVID-19 pandemic should be removed more frequently than usual. Try to use disposable cutlery in the common areas and always have 70% alcohol available for people to disinfect the food prep surfaces after using.

The same goes for keeping the food and coffee areas clean and sanitized. You should remove the garbage at least twice daily and keep it in a closed trashcan. Also, trashcans should be washed after emptying with a bleach solution and sprayed with 70% rubbing alcohol.

5. Clean and Disinfect Soft Surfaces

Soft surfaces like furniture and carpets should also be frequently cleaned and disinfected. If possible, wipe the chairs, sofas, and other types of furniture once a day with a special furniture solution.

If there are carpets on your premises, you can remove them completely. If this is not possible, clean and disinfect them at the end of the workday, so they’re clean the next day.

Use These Methods of Cleaning to Keep Your Workplace Safe and Protected

Whether you work with customers daily or from an office, sanitizing and disinfecting your businesses is more important than ever during a global pandemic. These cleaning methods will help keep your workplace safe and sanitized for everyone involved.

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