Lab Management: 5 Key Tips for Managing a Successful Lab

Labs are one of the most important places in society today. They are where discoveries are made that advance society in ways we couldn’t dream of.

Unfortunately, lab management isn’t as simple as you think. Labs are busy places with many people trying to get work done. You can’t expect things to be productive if there aren’t procedures to follow.

Are you looking for ways to make your lab more productive? Then, follow the five tips below to help keep your lab running smoothly.

1. Create a Good Culture

Every productive environment begins with a good culture. But, you won’t do this without daily attention on your part.

Set aside time to come up with a set of ideals and goals that your lab will work towards. You want to get everyone working there involved in the process. Having a common goal will help people come together and work towards building something great.

2. Develop Safety Procedures

You might be working with dangerous equipment and materials in your lab. The last thing you want is an accident to happen on your watch.

Make sure you develop safety procedures that are easy to follow. Once your systems are in place, train everyone who works in your lab on them. They need to be able to pass your training if they want to work in the lab.

3. Use Clear Communication

Communication is critical in any environment where work needs to be done. People need to know what to do and when to finish their work.

The chances that problems and conflicts occur are excellent, as well. So people need to know that they can come to you to get things resolved.

4. Create Standard Procedures

Even if your research is unique, procedures still need to happen when maintaining equipment and running tests. The problem is that people might have different ways of doing things.

To keep everyone on the same page, create a checklist of all your standard procedures. This list will keep everyone on track and make sure nothing gets missed.

5. Keep Track of Equipment

Your lab will always run slow if you don’t have an excellent way to track equipment. To avoid this, have a place for every piece of equipment in the lab.

Doing this means everyone knows where to look when they need to find something. Having everything in one place also means you know what inventory you have on hand and if you need to order used lab equipment for replacements.

Don’t Skip the Lab Management Planning Process

You need to devise a proper lab management plan if you want your lab to succeed. Make sure to use the tips above to get your lab running the right way. Once you get a foundation, you can start trying advanced tips to get even more from your lab.

Once you get your lab processes up and running, you need to start learning how to manage your people. Head back to our blog to read our latest tips on running a team.

Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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