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Are you looking for educational materials? Then you have probably seen Learning Resources ads at some point. But what is learning resources? Are they offering good content? Is it too expensive? Get all these facts in our Learning Resources Review:

What is Learning Resources?

Learning Resources is a manufacturer of educational materials. The company offers practical learning tools for both the classroom and the home. These products are offered globally.

They have been supporting teachers and parents in educating new generations since 1984. Their educational toys, they claim, help children develop math skills, reading skills, or even mobility through play.

How does it work?

The Learning Resources website works like many others in this field. However, it also functions as an information portal, where you can see their toys’ latest news and new releases.

On top of everything, there is a blue stripe at the top of the screen. In this, we can find different titles referring to seasonal offers such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday in the center. Then, further to the right, we see the help and login or register buttons at the top of the screen.

Moving on, we find the Learning Resources logo and the search bar. Between these, we see the different categories, not necessarily of products. For example, we find the store tab, age, gift packs, gift ideas, cards, blog, and Christmas gifts. The next tab shows the “about us” button.

Along its top, we can see different shortcuts to shopping, such as shopping by age, or for “future engineer,” “future scientist,” or even “spelling bee super champion.”

What do Learning Resources offer?

With them, you can find an infinite number of products related to learning, which make it easier and, above all, more fun for the little ones in the house.

In their store, you can find alphabet books, activity kits, brain agility, coding toys, toys to learn colors, shapes, patterns, critical thinking, construction sets, puzzles, outdoor games, and anything else you can imagine.

As for the tools they offer more focused on teachers, we have those that can help with the organization and decoration of the classroom, such as folders, pencil holders, and paper holders, and on the learning side, number or word building toys, among others, with different dynamics, to assemble, paint or even create them.

Is Learning Resources safe?

Yes, Learning Resources is legal and safe enough so that your only problem is, in a particular case, having to make a return or any other inconvenience.

With over three decades of collaboration in education, the product reviews are at least 90% excellent. They talk about the products’ quality, functionality, experiences, and so on, so assuming they are doing a good job is an understatement.

Their products are made 100% safe and non-toxic, neither for adults nor for children.

In addition, you can find information on their page regarding terms of use, legality, the use of their products, how they handle returns, licenses and site bans, etc. Therefore, we consider it vital to read them before making any purchase.

And if you still don’t feel convinced, you have an excellent alternative that is not necessarily checking user reviews. Instead, you can check the collaborations, interviews, and appearances that Learning Resources has had in recognized and reliable media such as People, Good Morning America, US Weekly, and many others.

Pricing and plans

The price range of the products can vary a lot depending on the category and, of course, on its size or the elements or complements it comes with.

On the site, you can find products from 10$ US, being these the simplest, some quite complete sets ranging between 40$ and 60$, to the most significant and most outlandish that can cost hundreds of dollars.

As for promotions, they always have them active. They give discounts, promotions, and electronic coupons from Black Friday to Halloween or Christmas. As a company dedicated to children and families, there is no shortage of children’s day and “let’s keep learning during the vacations” promotions.

They even offer discounts and special promotions for back-to-school for teachers or schools interested in purchasing their products.

Payment Methods

Learning Resources accepts many currencies worldwide, and their payment methods are only through credit or debit cards. Sadly as for virtual currencies or wallets, they have no options available.

Customer Service

They do not have as many ways to contact them as other customer service sites. However, they have an email, address, and phone number open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Central Standard Time.

Even so, customers have given excellent reviews despite what you might think. Rarely have they needed to ask for a refund or return, and the few that have done so have given their approval of the service received.


Over ten thousand products for sale

Assured learning with the products

Affordable product pricing

Excellent customer service and reviews

Promotions, discounts, and offers are almost always available


It has very few payments options

Depending on the area, they do not ship to certain parts of the world, and some can be expensive.

To Sum Up

Learning Resources is a company with a track record and reputation to admire. They have spent over 30 years building and manufacturing toys their audience loves.

They have been able to renew themselves and listen to the learning needs of both schools and at home, creating and supporting methods based on acceptance, inclusion, and the love of learning for adults and children.

An option to consider is improving your children’s or students’ learning.

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