Lovely Lady Lumps: 7 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Boob Job

Breast augmentation is the number one plastic surgery in America, with over 300,000 performed in 2017 alone. Are you also considering joining the ranks by getting a boob job?

For many women, having larger breasts has one huge benefit: it can boost your self-esteem. And when your self-esteem soars, you’ll feel happier in your day-to-day life.

Although boob jobs are typical, they are still medical procedures. So, you should ensure you’re fully informed before making your final decision.

After doing some online research, you’ll want to get a free consultation with a trusted plastic surgeon. While there, be sure to ask them plenty of questions, so you know what to expect before, during, and after your surgery.

Don’t know what you should ask? Keep reading for the top 7 questions before going under the knife.

1. How Many Sizes Can I Go Up?

The whole point of breast augmentation is to achieve larger breasts, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting the size you want, right? Well, not exactly.

You can’t go up too many cup sizes simultaneously because your skin will need time to adjust. Ask your surgeon how big they can make your boobs during the first surgery. You can also ask how many surgeries it would take to get to your ideal size.

2. Can You Tell Me More About My Implant Options?

Discussing your options whenever a foreign material is placed inside your body is always a good idea. For example, most breast augmentations use either a saline or silicone implant.

Be sure to ask about the benefits and risks of each type of implant and which one your surgeon would recommend. You may also want to ask about possible alternatives if you’re not comfortable with an implant.

Some women transfer fat from another body part into their breasts to achieve a larger size. Other procedures, such as areola reduction and a breast lift, may help you feel more confident without actually increasing the size.

3. What Is the Recovery Time Like?

Like any surgery, recovery will occur after your boob job. And luckily, it usually doesn’t last too long. Most women can resume light activities within a day or two and return to work after about a week.

Of course, you’ll want to ask your plastic surgeon for a more specific recovery plan. Depending on the nature of your work, you may need to take more time off before returning.

If you regularly exercise, ask them when you can hit the gym again. Specific exercises, like cardio, may need to be put on hold for a few months.

You’ll also want to ask about the day after. Will you need someone to drive you home from the surgery and take care of you? How much pain will you be in, and how long will the pain last?

4. Are There Any Secondary Operations?

You may think that a boob job is a once-and-done surgery. But you’ll want to talk to your surgeon before making your final decision.

Many women need a second surgery a few years later for various reasons. Ask your surgeon how long you can expect your boob job to last and if there are any ways to make it last longer.

5. Will There Be a Scar?

It’s no secret that most women get boob jobs to feel more confident in their skin. But ending up with an unsightly scar can make you feel self-conscious all over again.

While boob jobs usually result in a scar, professional surgeons do a good job hiding it. The most common locations are in the areola’s darker skin, armpit, and fold where your chest and breasts meet.

Ask which location your surgeon thinks is best and how big a scar is usually left behind. Don’t be afraid to ask to see “before” and “after” pictures to see how inconspicuous the scars are yourself.

6. What Are the Possible Side Effects?

Unfortunately, no procedure is without risks. You’ll want to ask your surgeon for a complete list of potential side effects and signs to look out for if something goes wrong with your boob job.

You’ll also want to ask questions about your cancer risk. For example, breast implants can slightly increase your risk of developing cancer, depending on the location of the implant. It can also hinder a doctor’s ability to perform a breast exam.

This is a severe factor in your decision, so read more here about boob jobs and breast cancer before making a decision.

7. Will I Still Be Able to Breastfeed?

Are you planning to have kids in the future? Then make sure you ask how a boob job will affect breastfeeding.

Many women find that they don’t have a problem breastfeeding. However, those who choose to get the incision on their areola could face damages that hinder their breastfeeding ability. If you know kids are in your future, tell your surgeon this and request an incision in a different location.

What to Ask Before Getting a Boob Job

Don’t go into a breast augmentation surgery without being fully informed. Make sure you ask the above questions before getting a boob job to know what to expect.

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