Medical News Websites for You to Discover

Medical News Websites

These days, staying updated about the medical field has turned out to be crucial. So, to keep you a tone with the news about COVID-19 and everything concerning the medical field, we listed our top medical news websites.


Official Site

International Journal of Translational Medical Research and Public Health (IJTMRPH) is an online journal of medical recommendations and news and events from the world of medicine.

In it, you will find research, reports, and fieldwork carried out by various specialists in different areas of medicine. The magazine presents topics of interest and different sections such as public health, infectious diseases, clinical trials, and global and international health.


  • If you are a specialist in medicine and its derivatives, you can participate in the work presented.
  • This site allows you to register within the page to receive additional information.
  • It is free. You can make donations to help contribute to the continuity of the journal and the page.
  • It is composed of a team of experts and specialists within the area of health.


  • The menu of information is somewhat confusing and tedious to use.

Despite this, IJTMRPH is a magazine containing important information and helps understand various health and medicine topics. Besides, if you have experience in this area, you can contribute to the magazine.


Official Site

MedicalNewsToday is an informative virtual newspaper about the current situation of various diseases and pandemics, in addition to presenting different articles made by professionals in the area of health and medicine.

It also has a news and recommendations section that you can review and browse through a very easy to use interface. Besides, it presents different medical reports with which you can learn a little about the current Coronavirus pandemic we are living.


  • It has an easy to use interface.
  • It has a menu where you can review articles on various diseases that have been more frequent.
  • You can subscribe to receive news and information regarding medical news.


  • Despite its simple interface, the page is not very explanatory about what it offers.

MedicalNewsToday becomes an interesting page to know more about the medical news globally despite its not being so explanatory. Nevertheless, it works as a great help due to the articles and other topics.

Therefore, it works as a good way to continue knowing more about medical trends worldwide and the latest news about diseases that have been known and others you can know.


Official Site

NewsMedical is a page in charge of publishing articles and news on various topics in the scientific, clinical and medical field made by professionals in the area to promote accurate information.

On the page, you will find diverse information on the current topics at a world-wide level. It has a diversity of sections that you can review to know everything that the page can offer to you, made by specialists in the area.

In this way, we can consider it a great informative website for those interested in medical specialties and different diseases, whether they are transmitted as simple flu or mental illness.


  • It has a wide menu of diversified information.
  • Its content is free and reviewed by professionals.
  • Works similarly to a social network.
  • There is a lot of content every day.


  • While most content is updated, there is A LOT of content, and finding specific news can be hard.

NewsMedical becomes an important information page, which at the same time can act as a social network for its users. In this way, it has a wide repertoire of news and articles, making it a beneficial medical site.

Thanks to this social network function mentioned above, there is a great deal of communication and interactivity among its users. In this way, it can be considered as a great page to know about the latest news of diseases, medical knowledge, and specialties.


Official Site

Medscape is a page of information and medical education on very specific topics within the area of health and also serves to present various articles from different institutes of medicine in Argentina and Mexico.

Its educational space can help you understand the functionality of different basic or complex diseases, and you can participate in those educational activities by registering on the page.

This educational section can also help you in case you are studying a specialty of what the page can offer, which keeps you in touch with it.

In this way, Medscape becomes a site with a great deal of interaction with its users to be considered a great source of information despite its limitations in medical topics.


  • It has a large section of news, articles, and professional opinions that you can review.
  • It has an educational section.
  • Completely free.
  • It has its Spanish version.


  • It is limited in medical topics.
  • Its menu is not very explanatory.

Despite this, Medscape becomes an interesting page to understand specific health topics and diseases, not only infectious but also mental. In this way, you can learn a lot about what the page offers, thanks to its educational area.

Their educational area will help you understand the degree of importance of the diseases presented on the page and how you can treat them if you are a person studying medicine or a career related to the area of health.

In the end, Medscape is a great alternative and reliable source for those interested in medical topics, thanks to the news, articles, and information posted on the website.


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ScienceDaily is an informative page about a great number of medical topics and different diseases since it has a wide catalog that you can review to understand more about the topics it presents.

Besides, it has news and articles sections that you can easily access from its main menu. There are even other topics of general interest that you can frequent, such as agriculture and chemistry.

Its diversity of medical sections varies from natural medicine to various mental illness topics, with various information that can help you understand them.


  • An extensive menu and explanatory sections.
  • A wide variety of news and articles concerning current public health issues.
  • Health professionals verify daily information.


  • The information and topics it offers are somewhat disorganized and difficult to understand.

Despite this, ScienceDaily is still a site with much useful information for understanding medical and health issues. Its articles and news are from reliable sources that you can review and take advice from.

Furthermore, it can help you learn about different diseases, treat them, and the aforementioned general interest topics that give the site variety.

Medical Xpress

Official Site

Medical Xpress is a page of very specific information regarding the subject of public health, since its themes, articles, news and the diseases they try to explain to their public, are mainly mental and terminal.

However, this is not limiting to being a site with information from reliable sources and various professionals or special health responsible for writing and writing all the data you can find within the page. That can serve you if you study a specialization.

Besides, you can register on the site to interact with it, and it also notifies you of the news and diseases that are currently in global trend and how you can prevent them from affecting your health.


  • Although it is limited in terms of topics, its information is reliable and good-quality based on professional opinion.
  • You can receive constant information from the site if you subscribe.
  • It has a section of articles and news more frequented by users.


  • The already mentioned limitation regarding the health and medical topics it deals with. Its information is particular.
  • The fact that it is in English can be a limitation for some people.

For this reason, Medical Xpress can be a reliable site for those people who are looking for specific, concrete, and useful information for learning.

To Conclude

Here you get several medical news websites that can serve you in medical studies and stay tuned to the most important advances that science is making in favor of our health. This way, you can access real information about what is happening and share it with your friends. Remember to keep clean and stay home until everything passes.

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