3 Most Iconic Perfumes of All Time

Did you know Grasse, France, is considered the perfume capital of the world? Centuries ago, Grasse was known for its leather tanneries, which were successful but made the town smell of dead animals.

To combat this, the tanneries began making a pomade from animal fat and flowers to perfume their goods with, eventually moving into the perfume industry full-time when leather became too pricy to produce. As a result, you likely have some favorite perfumes that are still made in Grasse today!

But there are plenty of other iconic perfumes that have endured over the decades. But what exactly are some of these fancy perfumes? And why do people love them so much?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below to learn about five of the world’s best-selling perfumes!

1. Eau de Parfum by Jimmy Choo

Eau de Parfum by Jimmy Choo was released a little over a decade ago, but it quickly became one of the most beloved scents of all time. The scent was made in collaboration with Olivier Polge, a renowned French perfumer. It’s a warm scent that combines sweet flavors like toffee caramel with sultry sandalwood and exotic tiger orchid.

While the scent itself was unique and an instant favorite, the bottle design is just as iconic. Jimmy Choo’s co-founder, Tamara Mellon, designed the bottle herself, citing Murano glass as the inspiration. As a result, the elegant design is sleek and contemporary while also evoking the glamor of old Hollywood.

2. J’adore by Dior

J’adore was launched in 1999, and it’s been a charming and iconic favorite ever since. This scent is both floral and fruity and was intended to be a confident yet suave scent for women.

The bottle itself was also unique, with a contemporary and rather abstract design. The scent was marketed by Christian Dior as a bouquet of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers from around the world.

3. Chanel No. 5

Chanel No. 5 is perhaps the most well-known perfume name around the world. Even if you’ve never used it yourself, you’ve undoubtedly heard it mentioned in movies or seen it in just about every perfume case you’ve ever passed.

Chanel No. 5 is one of the most iconic perfumes due to its longevity alone. The perfume was released in 1921, but it became truly legendary when Marilyn Monroe namedropped it in the 1960s. Combining over 80 different ingredients to create a delicate floral body with top citrus notes, it’s still a classic 100 years after it was created!

Discover the World’s Most Iconic Perfumes

There are tons of new perfumes hitting the market every day, but the classics from this list have stood the test of time and proven themselves to be winners. Whether you’re looking for luxury perfume brands or just a timeless scent, the list of iconic perfumes above will serve as a great starting point.

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