5 Must-Listen New Albums of 2023

Are you trying to find yourself new ear candy?

In many ways, music consumes our lives. It is present in our every day, from the alarm clock next to us to the commuting car that takes us to work. There is no escaping it.

Music has been a part of human existence since the Neolithic Era. Music is an integral part of our survival process and is born out of the soul.

This is a guidebook for some of the albums you gotta’ check out in 2023!

1. Gracie Abrams

One of the most anticipated new albums of 2023 is Gracie Abrams. As the daughter of Hollywood star J.J Abrams, Gracie is already a rising influence in the music industry. Her highly anticipated debut album weaves together influences from various genres, creating a unique sound of her own.

From the soaring chorus of her lead single “Friend” to the heartfelt ballad of “21”, it is not only an impressive display of her songwriting talent but also a beautiful reflection of her pursuit of growth and success. Even if you’re not a fan of Gracie Abrams, her latest album is worth a listen.

2. Amaarae

Amaarae’s MustListen albums of 2023 are some of the most anticipated releases in the music industry. Her music of 2023 easily transports the listener to a different world of synths, splashes of electronic sound, and potent lyricism.

Her unique blending of genres from African highlife to alternative R&B and beyond have earned her recognition from fans and critics alike. Amaraae continues to push the boundaries of music albums with her futuristic vibes and enthralling aesthetics.

3. Gina Birch

The 10-track set was produced by Grammy Award-winning producers and featured innovative tunes and a groovy blend of contemporary pop and hip-hop. From the party-starting songs to the soulful, acoustic-driven tracks – this album has it all.

Fans are ecstatic about the album and are raving about the haunting melodies, meaningful lyrics, and memorable hooks. The collection has quickly become a fan favorite, and it is easily one of the best albums of the year.

4. Blondshell

The release of Blondshell’s new album in 2023 has been highly anticipated by fans of alternative and pop music. Blondshell is a highly sought-after artist in this genre, and this latest release promises to deliver a unique and compelling sound.

The album features tracks from different genres, allowing listeners to explore the wonderfully diverse music around them. Every track on the album captures the vibrant energy of Blondshell’s style. The album marks a new era in music and is an absolute must-listen release for 2023.

5. Boygenius

The critically acclaimed trio known as Boygenius has created one of the most exciting and must-listen new albums of 2023: Boygenius. Fusing elements of folk, gospel, and country music with their sublime harmonies, the trio of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker creates lush soundscapes rife with emotion.

Boygenius is a thought-provoking album offering an array of raw and beautiful sentiments that are sure to fill any listener with joy, comfort, and introspection. Through their warm vocals, dreamy instrumentation, and captivating production, Boygenius encapsulates a powerfully emotive and honest sound.

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This year is one for exploration and experimentation with music and there are some phenomenal new albums to check out. MustListen 2023 has curated some of the most interesting and innovative new music from all around the world.

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