Office Layout Plan: Where to Place Your Receptionist

Your reception area is an essential part of your office. It’s where clients are greeted upon entering, providing them with a warm, welcoming space to wait. Your receptionist is also responsible for receiving deliveries, making your office layout plan a crucial part of your business.

But how do you design an office floor plan layout that works best for your staff and clients? What are some office layout plan samples that incorporate functionality into all aspects?

To learn all about the best office layout plans for your workspace, then keep reading. This article will discuss the office reception layout plan that best fits your needs while maximizing productivity.

Components of a Reception Area

It’s important to place your receptionist in front of your office. This way, they can greet customers and delivery drivers upon entrance and are centrally located so staff can easily approach them.

Your reception area should be organized with plenty of seating for customers. There should be a place for customers to hang their coats and several small tables for them to place their beverages on. Make sure to provide hot and cold drinks and plenty of reading materials or television, and a play area to keep children occupied.

If you sell merchandise, the reception is an excellent place to showcase these items. Small items can be placed on your receptionist’s desk if it’s large enough to accommodate merchandise. Otherwise, set up a display counter to exhibit what you have for sale.

Special Considerations

It’s crucial to take into consideration anyone with special needs or who is in a wheelchair. Be sure your front door, reception area, and office are wheelchair accessible, and pay careful attention to your counter heights.

A reception counter should reflect the office space it represents, such as a pediatrician’s office, where you would want to incorporate plenty of child-friendly decorations. Ensure plenty of toys and other activities to keep children occupied while in the waiting room.

If your reception area is part of a salon or spa, with items for sale in front of the store, you may want to invest in security cameras to protect your investments. This is also true for any office space where you feel additional security measures are necessary, especially in high-traffic areas such as reception.

Cameras can be placed throughout your office space, providing views of your entire workspace. When setting up the rest of your office space, be sure that all employees have easy access to walkways in order to access common areas with ease. Ensure your office accommodates disabled employees with an open-plan office layout, including your kitchen and bathrooms.

Choosing an Office Layout Plan

Now that you know your business’s best office layout plan, it’s time to incorporate that design into your workspace. Be sure to create a welcoming reception area that your customers can feel comfortable waiting in, with amenities such as coffee, tea, and reading materials. f you sell merchandise, reception is an excellent space to showcase these goods while customers wait for their appointment.

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Yvan Lebrun
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