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OneTravel is a company dedicated to the sale of air tickets. They are especially focused on international destinations.

Due to its multiple associations, it is possible to acquire cheap airline tickets on OneTravel. They also make it possible for you to purchase hotel reservations and car rentals. They do not have a special service for companies.

What exactly does OneTravel do?

OneTravel is dedicated to obtaining cheap airline tickets through agreements with partner airlines. They will guide you through the process of buying the ticket taking into account your specifications.

To make the purchase, you have to select the destination of your preference. Then the days you expect your stay to last and you will receive the available offers. Or you can look at the promotions available on the website and buy the one you like. You can also register and generate an alert for a certain destination when the ticket’s cost decreases. The purchase options are diverse.

In addition to the tickets, you can select from approved hotels. The reservations will also be arranged according to the length of your declared stay with the airline. You can also schedule a car rental if the nature of your trip warrants it. This way you can manage the main services of your trip with only one agency.

How much does it cost?

Tickets on OneTravel are selected as the cheapest available. It is still understood that you will have to pay according to your location and selected destination.

Moving on, users informed that in addition to the ticket, you must pay a service charge. But this charge is not disproportionate and still allows the ticket to qualify as economical.

Cancellation fees, on the other hand, are not economical.

But you can save money by rescheduling your flight in advance. If you subscribe to their newsletters, you can receive coupons that will save you money. You will also save money by using the number advertised on the website for offers on unpublished flights.

OneTravel makes available two credit cards that allow you to save money in other ways. For each payment you make, you generate points that can be redeemed for flights.

Besides, with them, you get refunds for lost luggage and don’t pay for flight cancellations, among other advantages.

Is it reliable?

When it comes to fulfilling flights, reservations, and car rentals, there are no complaints. Once you pay, you will receive what you agree to through the website or the phone call. If you check the information received directly with airlines, hotels, and other companies, you will be able to corroborate that everything is correct.

Some customers indicated that there is an additional charge for their services. This charge is usually not specified at the time of booking. You must ask about this before making a payment to find out if you agree. Customer service is usually efficient and helpful. On some pages, the clients’ opinion is excellent, but it is the opposite in others.


  • Cheap airline flights by arrangement or promotion.
  • Newsletter with discount coupons.
  • Purchase through the online site or phone call.
  • Apps are available for Android and iOS devices.
  • You can get discounts for being a member.
  • Earn miles with credit cards that are redeemable for tickets.
  • You can make hotel reservations and car rentals with them.
  • OneTravel Visa Signature Credit Card includes travel accident insurance.
  • Efficient 24/7 customer service.
  • Popular destination sections, popular airlines, and popular routes


  • Cancellations raise the cost a lot.
  • Not all cheap flights are advertised on the website.
  • The claim, cancellation, or rescheduling process can be complicated for older people.
  • The credit card says it is also redeemable for prizes but does not specify which ones.
  • Companies do not pay special attention.
  • Flights are subject to a last-minute cancellation.


This company takes care of offering flights at affordable prices. Several filters allow you to select your destination according to different aspects. And the advantages for their clients through affiliation, newsletters, and credit cards are excellent.

OneTravel makes it possible to travel to many places because of its agreements with popular airlines. These include American Airlines, Air India, and Qatar Airways.

The company’s accessibility through phone calls, website, and applications are remarkable. And their travel agents are easy to contact. But OneTravel’s varied opinions make it difficult to decide whether it is trustworthy or not.

Some travelers praise the customer service. Others went so far as to mention that their call was transferred to other similar companies. And if you can’t make your trip on the scheduled date, you won’t enjoy the experience.

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