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Painting Contractor Software


Painting contractor software gives company owners and managers the tools they need to remain organized, save time and develop their firm. Customers’ data, daily staff schedules, invoice management, and payment collection are all made easier with the aid of the program. Field Complete helps you operate your company from the office or out in the field. Stay in contact with your customers and employees via texts and real-time alerts. They make it simple to operate your company.

Top features

Schedule and Dispatching. Easily plan your appointments and make modifications by dragging and dropping them on the calendar. Allowing consumers to make appointments and making modification requests may streamline your business and gain time. With Field Complete, you’ll never have to worry about a misunderstanding again.

Invoices and Payment. This issue may be alleviated, and a significant amount of time can be saved by using software automation. Adding appointments from the calendar to invoices for a single client or all of your customers takes a few clicks in Field Complete. We make it quick and simple to send out bills by e-mail, and our reports allow you to follow the progress of each invoice.

This will lower your cost, save time and get you paid sooner. In addition, dedicated solutions like Field Complete, which creates invoices automatically from your calendar, are more convenient than merely invoicing or accounting systems.

You have the option of invoicing your clients immediately, weekly, bimonthly, or monthly, pre-pay or post-completion, or any combination of these options. The invoice is sent to the client through email. Whatever strategy you pick, make sure it is consistent so the clients know when to anticipate the bills.

Reports and Dashboard. Be in the know and have all the important information at your fingertips anytime you want. In an easy-to-understand and accessible style, all the relevant indicators are given. Dive deeper into more powerful reports when you choose. Portal/mobile app for customers and crew to quickly manage schedules monitor bills and payments.

Notifications are sent to customers and crew members in real-time. Field Complete lets you interact with your consumers effortlessly and organically. Communicate using not just text but also photographs, videos, emoticons, and more. You are constantly a part of the dialogue between the workforce and the consumer.

It will work with your favorite software.

  • XERO and QUICKBOOKS are two options for small-business accounting software.
  • MAILCHIMP – Manage your email campaigns using data analytics
  • STRIPE – Accept payments online from your customers.

GPS tracking. To stand neck to neck with the competition and gain clients, you need the latest technological features. GPS can speed up the process of establishing a company’s name and trust, especially for start-ups. But, even if it’s not something your current consumers want, you still need to consider your new clients.

The use of painting contractor software may help you keep organized and save time in the administration of your business. Because everyone on your team follows the same set of procedures, it makes it easier to keep track of your clients. To your consumers, you seem more professional with self-service, real-time alerts, and online payment choices. 

Field Complete is a free-to-use service since it does not need a monthly membership. There is no price related to the number of workers you have. Whether you’re a solopreneur or part of a larger organization, our tool may help you save time and attract new clients.

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