7 Best Personal Loan Companies like Avant

When you feel the need to apply for credit but need the procedure to be fast enough to avoid doing so through a bank or a traditional lender, looking for money on platforms like Avant may be the right answer.

Companies Like Avant

That’s why today we present you the 7 Best Personal Loan Companies like Avant that you can count on:

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Maximus Money

Official Site

With the opportunity to channel a personal loan of up to $5,000, Maximus Money is the online platform that facilitates the process and will help you contact the lender that best suits your requirement.

Besides, it works regardless of your credit history. Your application will be treated with the same priority and dedication as if you had a 6700 score. Besides:

  • Through the website, you can apply for personal loans that can cover up to $5,000
  • The process of the requirement is done for free.
  • This type of credit is known for being long term and not guaranteed, which is normal and has affordable rates adapted to your request and considering your situation.
  • In most cases, your payments will be easy to cancel and will not hinder your financial growth.

Maximus Money is a platform dedicated to finding through a client portfolio qualified lenders covering the requirement or amount requested.

As far as it is possible to delimit, the platform is NOT the one who lends you the money, but it is the one in charge of evaluating your request and studies the possible lenders who can help you.

Finally, once the search is over and you have indicated the lender you want, they notify you, begin signing agreements, establish your digital signature, and all the requirements needed to culminate loan.

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Funds Joy

Official Site

Funds Joy is an online platform that devotes it’s time to facilitate a faster and easier financial recovery with personal loans of up to $5,000 with experts that will make the process a little faster.

Within the market and the competition, this company guarantees to the clients a loan system that will not generate the collection of fees in choosing and finding the lender, which has a wide portfolio that will facilitate the selection process.

How to access the application

Enter the website and submit a form; this way, they will evaluate the amount and thus begin finding the lender that fits what you have requested.

Funds Joy is not interested in the reason for personal loans. It simply goes to your application and looks for ways to resolve, establishing the guarantee of a faster process 100% online, where you will be contacted with the lender quickly and securely and get a free pre-qualification.

Once your request has been sent, if it produces a positive result with the lender, you will be notified immediately so that you can begin the collection process –which is usually indicated within the same notification.

It is important to remember that this platform does not make personal loans, only serves as a mediator with the lenders, and thus expedites the requirement.

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Better Loans Mutual

Official Site

The Better Loans Mutual portal offers its users the opportunity to apply for a personal loan to help them resolve an emergency.

By entering the page, you can fill out a form that gives potential lenders a set of information needed to process their funds request.

Better Loans Mutual directs all the information received to the best lenders that fit the applicant’s profile.

Today you have tools that allow you to perform all kinds of formalities from the global network.

This portal is no exception, as it has a platform that allows people to apply and receive a loan completely online.

On the other hand, it is “Fast and secure.” All your data is encrypted, thus protecting each of the data issued.

In times of hackers, security is necessary, and Better Loans Mutual has an extremely reliable platform. Besides, the process from the beginning of the request and its response never exceeds 24 hours.

This site does not require a strict emergency explanation. Furthermore, you can use the resources for whatever you want without the company making a demand for reasons –Although you will pay this in higher fees.

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Official Site

CashRequestOnline has an extremely pleasant and accessible platform as it offers small immediate loans in which it does not require a diverse list of requirements and forms.

Its friendly website invites us to access a secure way to complete the data and undergo a small evaluation in which the total process does not exceed 24 hours.

The requirements to access the loan are as follows:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Possess Regular Income.
  • Own a bank account.

With these requirements, you can access loans from $100 to $5,000.

The Cash Request community has a network of more than 100 lenders connected to the loan. But the most attractive thing about this website is that everything is done 100% online.

Without leaving your home, you can receive the requested amount in the bank account provided in the form the next day of the request.

On the other hand, the company puts you in contact with the lender, and this way, you can review the terms and conditions of the loan so that you can decide if it is convenient for you and proceed in the right way.

And you will also enjoy the benefits of being part of this network that will allow you to access future applications more directly for being registered in the portal.

To know more about CashRequestOnlineCashRequestOnline Review

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We Cash Loans

Official Site

It is a web platform consisting of a conglomerate of associated lenders offering their services.

Everything here is processed from the main form where the figure you want to obtain is stated, and the data supplied, then they proceed to the evaluation of the contractor to offer the lender that best suits the need requested.

It is a portal more directed to businesses that require immediate support. Loans range from $100 to $50,000, and their conditions vary depending on the lender accessing the figure.

For this reason, the portal suggests its users review the terms and conditions to access the benefits of the loan.

  • The types of loans offered by We Cash Loans are:
  • Personal Loans.
  • Cash Advance Loans.
  • Delivery Loans.
  • Emergency Loans.

This gallery of financial services is convenient for resolving emergencies of different types.

Besides, these services are top-rated in the United States because they allow the user to resolve difficult situations without affecting his overall finances quickly.

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Lend You

Official Site

Lend you, has a very striking emblem that quotes as follows: “The loan you need when you need it”.

Without a doubt, this is the correct philosophy of this loan service provider, which with its accessible platform, offers the possibility of receiving a loan without impossible requirements and at any time.

  • First, you apply for the loan you need
  • Then, the system evaluates your information and sends you to the lender that best suits your profile.
  • In less than a working day, you have the money in your account.

The figures offered by this portal range from $100 to $2,500, and the requirements are basically to be over 18 years old, have an account, and have income not less than $1,000/month.

For Lend You users, it is of utmost importance to review the terms of the lender contacted, as each of them has terms and conditions that may vary.

Lend You is not a lender, but it does provide the service of contacting an important variety of them.

This portal’s management is beneficial for consumers who want to resolve a situation quickly and safely.

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Ace Cash Express

Official Site

The financial services of this company focus on the possibility of offering all the benefits of banking in a much more accessible way:

It is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and has customers in 24 states in the District of Columbia.

It offers public service through its web portal and some of its physical headquarters in these states.

Its portal is of an accessible utility, democratizing all the financial tools. Those who probably will not be given traditional banking opportunities can have quick, free, and accessible access.

It serves retail customers by offering them a wide range of alternative financial resources to traditional banking.

Its users can enjoy the possibility of having a debit card, check cashing, transfers, and immediate loans with accessible requirements.

Besides, this platform is associated with the “Financial Service Centers of America,” and despite being a new banking entity (founded in 2004), its inclusive market proposal has allowed many initial entrepreneurs to access banking benefits.

Keep in mind that these types of benefits boost the economy and the growth potential of micro-businesses.


As you can see, Avant is far from being the only option available on the internet when it comes to applying for a fast credit; depending on your needs, all these options are quite reliable but remember that usually, these types of credits do not require a warranty from you, so the interest rates are much higher than usual.

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