7 Best Vacation Rental Places Like Airbnb

Best Vacation Rental Sites

Renting an apartment while on vacation has become a delightful way to travel over the past few years. Vacation rental places like Airbnb have grown rapidly into the best places to book apartments and houses for rent online. Airbnb is, without a doubt, one of the largest and most popular options in the industry. With over 34,000 cities spanning over 200+ countries, Airbnb is a worldwide solution.

Whether you’re traveling on business or even if you’re going on an adventure with the family, you’ll be sure to find the ideal place for your next getaway. Airbnb presents you with a superb interface and meager prices so you can save big while enjoying a luxurious travel experience.

Places Like Airbnb

Like in all industries, Airbnb is not the only one to offer such services. We’ve located the best vacation places like Airbnb online, so you can rapidly find the best deals and the most luxurious homes all over the planet. So go ahead and browse our list of Airbnb alternatives below to get started with your next vacation!

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Places Like Airbnb

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After Airbnb quickly took over the vacation rental industry, the major vacation sites online had to adapt, and one of the largest sites on the internet is, without a doubt, Booking.com. Villas.com is the brainchild of Booking and provides an interface similar to Airbnb.

As one of the industry’s big players, you will find meager prices and thousands of locations worldwide for you to book.

HomeAway (Vrbo)

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If you’re looking for a cottage in the woods, or even if you’re looking for an urban condo, HomeAway will be able to provide you with the resources that you need.

HomeAway, now called Vrbo, has thousands of vacation locations as one of the best places like Airbnb. So check their platform now, and you will quickly be on your way to booking a dream location for your next vacation.

Home Exchange

Places Like Airbnb

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Discover the most beautiful cities globally, such as Barcelone, Rome, Paris, or Great Britain, with GuesttoGuest. This vacation home rental site is best online, with rent rooms, a whole apartment, or even homes.

With a simple-to-use interface and tons of luxurious units to rent worldwide, Home Exchange is one of the top Airbnb alternatives available online. Check it out now, and all you’ll have to do is order new luggage online!


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With over 150,000 destinations globally, Tripping is among the best options for searching for places like Airbnb. They are partnered with some of the biggest players in the travel sites industry, including Booking.com, Trip Advisor, HomeAway, and much more.

If you’re looking for quality and affordability, you will love using Tripping.com.

Home Camper – Gamping

Places Like Airbnb

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Whether you want to travel to the French Riviera, Spain, or even Britain, Gamping, who joined Home Camper,  is among the best places to visit if you’re looking for camping travel sites. Gamping specializes in helping you find the best locations that you can travel to with nothing more than a tent and your luggage.

Whether you want to travel in a tent or an RV, or even if you want to sleep in wide-open spaces, Gamping is the place to be. Find the best wineries and explore the world’s most stunning views using Gamping as your travel resource.


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FlipKey is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to Airbnb online and is one of the best places to find vacation home rentals on the internet.

FlipKey is owned and operated by TripAdvisor, one of the leading online travel sites. With over 300,000 houses for rent and over 11,000 cities covered worldwide, you will easily be able to rent a room, cottage, boathouse, or even a villa for your next trip.

Abritel (Homelidays)

Places Like Airbnb

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Abritel is the new name for the well-known Homelidays.  This platform is developed to make available booking options cheaper than a hotel. However, Abritel is not responsible for the booking you make with the owner of the accommodation. This company is an indirect subsidiary of Expedia. They operate in 10 countries but mainly work in Europe.

They have standard criteria that it required of their registered owners. An owner can be a person or a real estate professional. Within the platform, you can chat with your counterpart and find out about the payments required. It is also a good opportunity to find other property details that interest you.

The price is subject to different variables when you make a reservation at Abritel. The better the property is located concerning the filters applied in the search, the higher the price. Their rate increases the prices you receive from the owner, despite having agreed with the rate. Even local government impositions can raise the cost significantly.

Factors such as location in the city are decisive. One thing that can help you save money is to find out the cost of car rentals. You can also consider access to public transportation or the availability of taxis in the area. The rest will depend on the assessment of the owner of the residence in question. It is interesting to bear in mind that the website has seasonal offers. Such offers are pre-agreed between the site and the owner. The platform is the one that executes the reservation.

Bearing that reservations with Abritel do not involve professional staff, the service is usually not the best. In addition, you will be subject to rental policies that respect the law. But you will also be subject to any restrictions the other party imposes as appropriate.

Because of the latter, many people complain about their service. They also state that the platform fee is too high. However, it is not stated visibly on the site. Comparing it with other similar platforms, you can see this fact.

All the above is declared directly by the website. So we can’t say that they don’t do their part. Nevertheless, it would help if you were intuitive when choosing a place and carefully read previous customers’ comments.