Planning to Trade in Bitcoins? Note These Risk Factors Beforehand

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular form of cryptocurrency, no doubt has the power to show immense profits to investors. However, due to the unpredictable market price fluctuation and volatility, investors often face multiple impending threats that might lead to negative case scenarios in the future. While Bitcoin investment enthusiasts seem to be hanging on to bitcoin for an extended period, some investors are concerned about the frequent market price fluctuation.

In relation to that, below mentioned are five of the most significant threats to Bitcoin as the year progresses. Read on to know further.

Regulation of China

Earlier, Bitcoin was never known to be regulated by any government firms or financial institutions; however, these days, the regulation of China is now one of the main threats to bitcoin investors. Recently, China has tightened its grip on the cryptocurrency sector, shuttering energy-intensive crypto mining activities and instructing big banks and payment services to avoid doing business with cryptocurrency firms. China has also started to ban the top digital currency exchange platforms from engaging in regulated operations.


Another major concern is the frequent market price fluctuation of bitcoin. This holds true for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well. For instance, in April 2021, Bitcoin hit an all-time high of roughly $64,829. The cryptocurrency subsequently plummeted to a low of $28,911 in June, temporarily falling below $30,000 and ending the year in the red. Since then, this popular form of cryptocurrency has climbed back beyond $34,000.

Theft of information over the internet

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency is a technology-based investment that often turns out to be a vulnerable investment option. One of the potential threats is that Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, so once you have lost it, there will be a complete loss, and hence hacking becomes a key concern here.

Many reports claim that many purchasers lose money on exchanges and via mining losses. Even if you expect to get protection from the smartest of wallets, you should know that the exchange platforms are more likely to be hacked. Furthermore, if you do have a wallet and lose or forget your key, there is seldom a means to get your money back. Make sure you’ve done your homework on cryptocurrency wallets to choose the best secure one.

Risks of Currency Conversion

Certain investors’ capacity to convert may be harmed by policies or disruptions in the deposit or withdrawal of fiat money into or out of trading platforms. Following conversations with Chinese regulators, two major trading platforms in China ceased margin lending and withdrawals in February 2017. They began enforcing stronger anti-money laundering measures, resulting in a drop in price and trading activity.

Fraudulent Activities

To some extent, bitcoin investors can never deny that don’t t face fraudulent scenarios at all. Due to the immense popularity, many fraud-related activities in Bitcoin investmInvestorsstors often get scammed out of their bitcoin investment in fraudulent exchanges. This could be the lack of security, which undoubtedly poses a significant risk. However, there are methods to keep fraud at bay.

Network Slow-Down

The process of creating bitcoins and verifying transactions is known as mining. The user’s computer becomes a “code that validates blocks” after downloading a certain piece of software. Miners play an important role in adding blocks to the network. The most efficient miner who adds the block quickly and solves the mathematical operation gets the reward.

However, there can be a slowdown when the incentives for mining and solving the mathematical problems is not good enough, or sometimes the scalability of the platform can lead to a slowdown, especially if there are many transactions taking place simultaneously.  However, when we talk in context with other cryptocurrencies, the network slowdown could be because of a large volume of transactions on the network.

In Conclusion

Last but not least, these were certain important points to note when planning to invest in cryptocurrencies. If you are a Bitcoin investment enthusiast, you must check this list for safe cryptocurrency investment. This way, you can easily reduce the risk associated with cryptocurrency or Bitcoin investment. Happy and secure cryptocurrency investing!

Oscar Rojas
Oscar Rojas

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