Popular Water Pipes You’ll Find for Sale in 2023

 Water pipes offer a secure and filtered way to enjoy herbal or tobacco products. They filter the smoke, eliminating tar and ashes from it. They can be constructed out of glass, silicone, ceramic, acrylic, or plastics and come in all shapes and sizes – some even feature percolators.

This makes them ideal for any smoker, and here are the most popular across the internet this year, so far.

Water Pipes

Glass Pipes

Glass pieces are an ideal option for smokers seeking stylish, visually pleasing smoking devices. They come in various styles and colors.

Glass is known for durability and dependability compared to other types of water pipes. This is because they are manufactured from one material and go through both heating and molding to achieve their unique shape. Compared to other types of pieces, glass pipes boast superior longevity when exposed to regular use.

Pipes are incredibly simple to clean. Simply use water and mild soap, but ensure the cleaner you use is non-toxic and free from toxic chemicals.

One more great advantage to opting for glass pieces is their safety and environmental friendliness. This material can be recycled, making it a sustainable choice and a popular smoking choice when considering it’s also aesthetically appealing.

Silicone Pipes

Silicone is a popular choice among many smokers due to the pieces’ many advantages over their glass counterparts, as well as unique colors and styles that add character to your smoking experience.

They’re easy to maintain and durable enough for regular usage. All you have to do is wash it with a sponge and water, eliminating buildup or residue without fear of clogging or scratching, as other materials might.

One of the greatest advantages of silicone is its remarkable heat resistance. It can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon) and that’s without melting, deforming, or emitting toxic gasses.

Plus, it won’t stain, and you can easily wash it with a sponge to remove build-up and residue buildup – making it an excellent alternative to glass smoking devices. It is essential to remember that silicone is highly durable but can still break if exposed to flames. To protect your pipe, store it securely and never let direct flames come into contact with it.

For the highest-grade silicone pipe, look for medical-grade equipment. Crafted with both glass and platinum-cured silicone, these pipes offer both aesthetic appeal and unbeatable durability. Choose from a glass bowl, titanium tip, or banger for an impressive yet versatile smoking experience.

Percolator Pipes

Percolators are an essential component of bongs and other water pieces. They filter the smoke to make it smoother and more enjoyable for smokers while also cooling it and reducing harmful chemicals present.

Typically, water pieces come with or are attached to them. They come in various styles and can greatly enhance your smoking experience.

Percolator pieces and bongs such as tree percs, UFO percs, sprinkler percs, and honeycomb percs all function by forcing smoke molecules and water molecules to interact through a process known as “water filtration,” creating bubbles that help cool down smoke while filtering it more effectively.

These bubbles are composed of tiny particles with a higher surface area for smoke and water molecules to attach. As smaller bubbles, they’re less prone to breaking down than bigger ones (according to this blog), making them much more efficient at filtering THC and other harmful compounds from smoke.

A quality percolator pipe offers a cool, smooth hit every time. Plus, it helps the smoke cool down faster, so you don’t get burned when you hit it hard. Percolators not only offer practical benefits, but they’re also fun to use and even look like they were dipped in colorful straws, creating a truly beautiful smoking device.

To maximize the performance of your percolator, it’s essential to clean it regularly. You can do this with either a cleaning solution or pipe cleaner; just be sure to cover all parts and shake vigorously until all parts have been cleared away.

Straight Tube Pipes

“Straight tube pipes” are the most common smoking piece and what most people first think of when they hear glass pipe. They are one of the most sought-after types of water pipes due to their simplicity and effectiveness, ease of use, and cleaning ability. Plus, these come in various heights, styles, and glass thicknesses, so you can find one perfect for your requirements.

Straight tube bongs offer a smaller and narrower water chamber than beaker bongs, producing less smoke. That means you don’t need to filter as much water, making them ideal for beginners or those wanting to minimize cleaning time.

They usually feature a long neck that provides a secure grip and helps prevent drops. These glasses are typically made with borosilicate glass – an extremely durable and breakage-resistant material.

They are possibly the most efficient and dependable styles of bongs, not to mention an affordable choice for those looking to start smoking weed at a budget-friendly price point. They’re also the easiest to clean with stuff you probably already have around the house, anyway.

Water Pipes

Beaker Base Pipes

Beaker base pipes are one of the most classic and iconic designs in the glass industry. They come with various heights, percs, and variations to meet all smokers’ needs. They are constructed with premium scientific glass for increased durability.

Borosilicate glass is strong and thick, as well as highly resistant to heat and cracking. Clear containers made of this glass ensure you can see inside of them clearly, helping keep surfaces clean and preventing any issues with leaking or misting on the outside.

Many beaker base pipe types and designs feature a wider bottom that provides more stability than straight tube bongs, resulting in smoother smoke sessions with fewer hits to clean out and less frequent water changes.

They typically are more stable, and their bases tend to hold more water for filtration and cooling. This style of bong can also hold more smoke compared to straight tube bongs, making it possible to take larger, grander hits.

Last but not least, they are simpler to maintain compared to other types of water pipes due to their larger base that can hold more liquid. This makes them especially advantageous if you’re a heavy smoker who likes hosting smoke sessions at home.

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