Purse vs. Pocketbook: What Are the Differences?

Do you confuse a purse with a pocketbook? Are both just types of handbags? Why is it important to know the difference?

Well, the answer is quite simple, a pocketbook is a purse, and a purse is a pocketbook. Confusing the two may result in regret, as they’re two different types of fashion appropriate for different types of situations. Keen to learn more?

Then read on, friend. Let’s explore the only difference between a purse vs pocketbook.

Unveiling the Secrets of Bags

It is no secret that bags are a major component of fashion. While most people often think of one bag referred to as a “purse,” there is a difference between a purse and a pocketbook.

A purse is a small bag often fastened closed with a strap, snap, or zipper. The pocketbook is bigger than a bag and typically contains multiple interior compartments. Due to its shape and size, the pocketbook can also be referred to as a tote bag.

Purses are often carried on one shoulder, while a pocketbook is held in the hand or over the shoulder. Purses are often seen as classic and traditional, while pocketbooks are seen as casual and casual-chic.

Regardless of the differences, either one is essential to accessorizing an outfit. Unveiling the secrets of bags reveals the beauty of this timeless accessory. If ever you are interested in buying a new purse, check out this black leather crossbody purse.

Comparing Purse Styles

A purse is a small bag for carrying money and is designed to hold the personal items a person needs for most outings, such as a wallet, keys, and small toiletry items. It is typically carried by hand, suspended from the shoulder by a strap, or hung from the wrist.

A pocketbook, however, is bigger than a purse and is designed to hold more items. While a pocketbook might carry some of the same items as a purse, such as money, keys, lipstick, etc., it also has space for more oversized items like knitting projects, folders, snacks, and journals. Therefore, a pocketbook is more suitable for longer journeys or daily errands requiring more items.

Design Features

Design-wise, a pocketbook and a purse are almost indistinguishable, having many similarities. Both usually feature pockets or compartments to organize your belongings, a handle for easy carrying easily, and a closure system, such as a zipper or magnetic clip. However, there are still many differences between a pocketbook and a purse.

A pocketbook has either feminine detailing, such as bows or other embellishments, or a practical masculine look, such as a leather finish. They are typically more sturdy than purses, using heavier fabrics such as leather, denim, or canvas.

On the other hand, purses are usually smaller and lighter than pocketbooks, with minimal design features such as closures and handles. The fabric is typically more lightweight than a pocketbook, such as satin, sequins, or a light canvas. Variations also include clutch purses, which have minimal closure but often a more heavily embellished exterior.

Understanding the Difference Between Purse vs Pocketbook

The differences between purse vs pocketbook come down to size and intent of use. Consider both items when making your decision as to which will best suit your needs. Shop now for the perfect bag for you!

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