Quarantine Blues: 10 Tips to Solving Your Pandemic Marriage Issues

Many couples avoid their marriage issues by staying distant and spending long hours at work. However, during this quarantine time, families are forced to remain in close quarters, which has put a strain on marriages. Therefore, partners must face their problems head-on.

If you are in an uncomfortable space with your spouse, take a look at the tips below to learn how to fix your marriage issues:

1. Communication

Communication is key to solving all relationship problems, and it’s definitely a huge part of eradicating marriage issues. You cannot have a successful partnership with bottled-up emotions and resentment towards your spouse.

Communicating isn’t easy, but it must be done. During quarantine, don’t continue to avoid your lover. Talk it out.

2. Understanding

Try to see things from your spouse’s perspective. Instead of always thinking about how the situation makes you feel, try to have a little understanding. Seeing things from their point of view will help you not to stay caught up in your own emotions.

If you try to understand why your spouse feels a certain way, you have a better chance of moving on from whatever is causing a rift between you two.

3. Avoid Arguments

When something triggers or angers you, your first response is probably to get upset. When your emotions are heightened, it leads to arguments. But when you are stuck at home with no place to escape, arguing is the quickest way to add to your relationship problems.

If you’re already experiencing marriage issues, try to avoid yelling and bickering as much as possible. Even if your partner is in the wrong, practice letting things go or voicing your feelings in a calm tone.

4. See the Good

There has to be something good about your spouse. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have married them, right? Unfortunately, after years of marital problems, it’s easy to see your partner through a negative lens.

Take some time to think about the good things that they do. Are they hard workers? Are they good fathers or mothers? Whatever it is about them that is good, concentrate on those things.

5. Remember What Made You Fall in Love

Quarantine is the perfect time to rekindle a spark with your spouse and remember why you fell in love. Date each other again. Set something up at the house even when you can’t go out in public.

Talk and go down memory lane. Sometimes couples have marriage problems because they’ve forgotten how much they truly love one another.

6. Act With Love

Love and kindness help to resolve marriage issues. No one likes to be mistreated, so you shouldn’t mistreat your spouse. But, with all that you do…do it with love.

They’ll naturally reciprocate if you change your mindset to show more love towards your spouse. Love is contagious.

7. Recognize a Rough Patch

Just because you’re having issues with your partner doesn’t mean your marriage is over. The truth is relationships go through rough patches. Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding quarantine are stressful.

Both you and your partner could be facing other problems that are putting a strain on your relationship. Your issues with one another might be external and not internal. Take a step back and analyze what’s going on. It could just be a rough patch.

8. Concentrate on Yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in everything your lover does wrong. But the harsh truth is that you have things that you could work on as well. So start improving in areas that could better your relationship.

For instance, if you are the type of person who shuts down and doesn’t talk for days after an argument, practice forgiveness. Either voice your feelings about the situation or learn to move on with a forgiving heart.

Once your partner sees you putting in the effort, chances are they’ll do the same.

9. Start With a Clean Slate

Quarantine might not be easy, but it is the perfect time to start with a clean slate. When marriage issues begin to mount, it could seem like you’re living with a stranger. But if you truly want your relationship to work, you and your partner should start over fresh.

Let go of the disappointment, the anger, and anything else that has gotten in the way of your love. Instead, decide to give your spouse a brand new slate and build from there.

Even if you and your partner have been married for many years, you still can reignite your flame for one another.

10. Get Counseling

When your marriage is on the rocks, sometimes you need help from an outside source. If communicating or trying to work out your marriage issues by yourself doesn’t work, consider a marriage counselor. It might not be easy letting another person into your relationship, but a therapist can bring a new perspective to many of the problems you all are facing.

Not only that, but you might be more serious about fixing your partner’s problems if there’s a third party involved. The good news is even in the midst of quarantine; you can still receive therapy.

Nowadays, it’s possible to speak to a counselor online, through video chat, or by phone. There’s no need to leave your home to see a counselor, so there are no excuses.

Solve Your Marriage Issues Once and for All

Marriage issues can’t be solved overnight. However, your relationship can feel new again with patience and the desire to make it work.

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Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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