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Nowadays, classic television services are practically obsolete. There are a lot of alternatives that can perfectly supply this kind of entertainment. Among these are streaming systems, defined as any type of video with audio that you can get on the network without downloading. However, you will almost always have to use different platforms to access different streaming sources. This problem is what Roku seeks to solve.

With Roku, you can have all kinds of streaming sources available in one place. You don’t need to switch devices. Everything will be on your Roku product. In addition, this device has the peculiarity that it can be connected directly to any TV. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the service from a large screen without suffering from the problems of mobile devices.

There is a great diversity of Roku devices, all focused on improving your streaming experience. Each has certain features and prices, so you need to know them in detail. For this reason, below, we bring you a guide with which you will have the most important aspects of Roku devices.

What is Roku?

The basis of these devices is very simple. It is a product with which you can have all your streaming sources on a single screen. In this, you will be able to access different types of entertainment, such as those offered by HBO, Netflix, Apple TV, etc. In addition, you do not need to pay a rental fee for the equipment. Once you have purchased it, you only need to insert the entertainment sources that you already have in your name.

This service will always be of the highest possible quality. You will be able to watch your favorite shows even in 4K, as long as your screen and internet allow it. This last point is extremely relevant since Roku is not involved with your internet service. It will only use the network you have to access the entertainment source. However, in case your internet is not ideal, you could have problems with fluidity and quality.

Additionally, they have a line of TVs with the Roku device integrated. These feature all the tools with the highest optimization and are compatible with services like Apple AirPlay, Apple Home, Alexa, or Google Home.

How does Roku work?

In order to use Roku, you will only have to buy the device and install it on your TV. The installation process can be completed in three steps: Turn on your Roku on the TV, connect it to the internet, and create your account on the official website.

It should be noted that you must have an HDMI port on your TV to connect to the Roku OS system. This is the connection point to be able to use the device. In addition, you must have access to your home network with Roku. Otherwise, you cannot navigate between the different entertainment sources on the platform.

Regarding the account creation process, you will have to do it from the official page with your Roku. Here, you will only be asked for a series of personal data. You may have to complete an account confirmation process, which is not very complex. In addition, you are recommended to enter a payment method into the platform. The service does not have a monthly fee. However, adding a payment method will make it easier for you to subscribe to the different entertainment sources.

How much does Roku cost?

The streaming device has a minimum cost of $29.99 and no other fees. This means you will not have to pay a monthly fee to enjoy the service. In addition, the device contains free channels you can access at all times. However, if you want to expand the entertainment sources list, you must purchase them.

In the latter case, the Roku platform does not influence the amount paid. The amounts displayed are fully offered by the entertainment source you selected.

On the other hand, different Roku options are available on its platform. While one of the cheapest costs $29.99, it only fulfills the basic functions. There are alternatives priced at $25.99, but they do not include the 4K quality service.

Other options may include voice tools, increased WiFi reception range, better audio service, or Dolby Vision. Adding these features increases the cost of up to $179.99 for the Roku Streambar Pro, the best product in their catalog.

You can also find Roku TVs. These are televisions that contain the integrated Roku device. So, you will never have compatibility problems, WiFi reception, or the hassle of having separate devices. There is a great diversity of models available, each with particular characteristics. The most remarkable thing about this kind of device is the video quality they can reach, being up to 8K, HDR, or Dolby Vision.

Finally, it has a line of products other than the streaming system. These are dedicated to improving your experience with digital entertainment. Thus, you can get audio sources for a minimum price of $99.99, lighting systems, or even cameras for less than $80.00.

Get 30 days free of HBO Max

You can enjoy this offer if you purchase a Roku streaming device. This will allow you to access the full HBO catalog and enjoy their roster of different series and movies.

You do not need to meet any special requirements. You must only purchase a streaming system before 02/28/23 to enjoy this benefit. Also, you do not need to claim your 30-day membership when you purchase the device. You can save it to claim it before 06/03/2023. Additionally, you must be a resident of the United States to be eligible for the promotion.

Please note that you will be automatically charged a monthly fee at the end of your free HBO membership. You can avoid this charge by canceling the subscription before the membership expiration date.


Offers on Roku devices

You can find a section dedicated to their offers within the Roku product catalog. Here you will find all the items that have some discount.

The discounted amounts are very variable, ranging from $5 or up to $80. These offers are limited and valid for certain products only. In addition, they may have some conditions that you must meet. These may relate to the maximum number of items you can purchase or the availability in your location.

Use the gift guide

The Roku platform has a section dedicated to guiding you between the different devices. This way, you can purchase the perfect type of streaming device for the purpose you have in mind. In addition, each presents a special discount, allowing you to receive all their items for a lower amount.

The Roku mobile app

You can use their mobile app to have the best streaming experience possible. This app is a remote control with the same functions as your Roku device. It includes a voice service, access to entertainment sources, and private audio, among other tools. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

You need to locate the application in your device’s official store to get it. You must start the download and access the application with your Roku account.

Payment methods

When you click on the purchase button of one of its items, you will start the process to make the transaction. At this point, you can use any of the following payment methods:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Gift cards

Please note that some payment methods are only available in certain countries. Likewise, specific alternatives are only available when you access them with a compatible browser.

Is Roku safe to use?

Roku is a safe device for any user. It only represents a platform where you can unite the different entertainment sources you manage on a single screen. There is no reason to be wary of the security of this kind of product. In addition, although it connects to your WiFi network, it has all the necessary protocols to prevent data theft.


Regarding legality, Roku contains all the necessary clauses to be used in different countries. However, it is limited in its availability. It currently only has the legal permissions to operate in less than 15 countries, so you must determine if your location is on its list.

Each country permitted by the Roku platform has its legal sections. Therefore, there is no reason to assume the existence of a legal inconsistency in the country.

On the other hand, they have several articles that always defend your privacy. Although they share information with third parties, it is only disclosed for the design of advertisements. Thus, the only data transferred are moderately irrelevant points and are only linked to your likes and dislikes. In this way, it is possible to recommend series and movies from various entertainment sources.

If you do not want your personal information transferred, you can deactivate this option in your Roku account. Go to the settings section and enable the option not to share your information.


This is a highly reliable device. It does not present problems with the entertainment sources that are connected. In addition, you will always receive precisely the video and audio quality you expect to get with the type of streaming device you have.

On the other hand, the payment platform treats your financial data very carefully. Although you must enter a credit card into the platform, it will never debit amounts for any service. Only those entertainment plans you have already contracted can be automatically canceled. Even so, this option can be disabled from the configuration panel of your account.


  • High-quality video
  • All entertainment sources on a single platform
  • Different types of devices
  • Entertainment accessories
  • No monthly Roku subscription fees are required


  • Expensive devices
  • Quality of service depends on your internet connection

Complaints and feedback

There are certain complaints made by Roku users. These are not related to the service of their streaming devices. This is the highest-rated product among its customers. These indicate that the device complies exactly with the features presented on the website, meeting expectations perfectly.

However, the so-called Roku TV has a lot of complaints. Platform customers indicate that these devices fail to connect correctly to the network. Likewise, they often present compatibility problems when logging in to the account. This point is highly negative for the quality of service.

The problems of Roku TVs may be due to the lack of development since their launch. These devices have been on the market for a very short time, so they still have various defects.

Despite this, Roku is responsible for all the problems caused by its customer service. At the same time, they have a technical service at no additional cost that you can use in case you have a problem with your Roku TV.

To Sum Up

Roku devices are one of the main entertainment platforms for the future. They will easily displace other current alternatives with their excellent audio and video quality and the simplicity of accessing entertainment sources. However, they have some negative points, such as the high cost and the lack of unique entertainment plans with other sources.

Even so, it is a highly recommended option if you love series and movies. If you are in any of the countries where this product is available, we can recommend you purchase it without any doubt.

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