Save More, Spend Less: 10 Tips for Cutting Expenses

Almost 80 percent of United States workers live paycheck to paycheck. And that means bills, debt, and stress are piling up.

But simple ways to cut costs can help everyday people climb back into comfortable financial standing.


We’ve put together a guide to cutting expenses. Read on for the top 10 tips for lowering costs and opening up a brighter financial future.

Steps to Take Before Cutting Expenses

The problems for many seem simple. They don’t know how to save money on bills. But even before cutting costs, understanding finances can go a long way.

And in the United States, almost a quarter of millennials don’t show basic financial literacy.

Knowing how to lower bills is problematic if the money flow is unclear. That means a person should look at where the money goes each month. Then it will be much easier to set up a budget and pay reduced bills.

Here are ten ways to save money on bills.

1. Start Carpooling

There is strength in numbers, and carpooling to work can save on gas. It can also reduce the wear and tear on a vehicle, preventing costly breakdowns down the road.

2. Set up Automatic Repayment Plans

Many programs will reduce the rate for people who sign up for automatic billing. And they can save a person from forgetting a payment, only to be hit by hefty fees or penalties.

3. Use a Better Bulb

Switching a house’s traditional lightbulbs to CFL or LED lightbulbs can save electricity costs. And they usually last much longer than conventional lights. That savings can add up fast.

4. Get a Programmable Thermostat

These can be set to lower heat and cooling when homeowners are away. That means more efficient heat regulation and reduced expenses.

5. Refinance Loans

This can be an excellent way to get a better interest rate. And it usually makes it easier to pay off things like student loans because the payer doesn’t have to keep track of many different sources. When refinancing a home, check out all the costs and decide if it fits the budget.

6. Take Advantage of Public Transportation

Public transportation can save on gas and automobile repairs. And it can stop small fees, like parking, from piling up.

7. Air Seal a Home

Especially in older homes, air and heat can escape in droves. Sealing up a house can keep that warm air and save the homeowner money on utility bills.

8. Bundle up Entertainment

TV and internet bundle often comes with discounted offers. And having more bills in one place makes it much easier to pay without overlooking an invoice.

9. Start a Garden

This can be a relaxing hobby and is one of the top ways to cut costs. A person can save on groceries by growing food and learning to store it.

10. Unplug Inactive Devices

Even when not working, devices can pull small charges and increase electricity bills. One way to lower bills is to unplug idle machines and use power strips with automatic timers.

More on Money and Living

These top 10 tips for cutting expenses should help you get cashback in your pocket. But there are many more resources for saving money and getting the most out of life.

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