Best Scuba Diving Websites to Follow

There are many ways to explore and get to know the world, each just as incredible. Diving is a unique way to get to know your preference’s tourist destinations, get to know life underwater and connect uniquely with nature.

We understand how difficult it can be to get professional and expert information about diving. After all, although there are many enthusiasts of this activity, it is not so easy to find them; besides, the day to day activities take us away from what we like.

Scuba Diving Websites

That’s why we’ve prepared this list of the best online dive sites to help you get useful information about this activity, tips, best places to explore, and more.

Besides, most supplement the content with excellent research, conservation, and other articles that might interest you.

Scuba Diver Life

Official Site

First of all, we have to mention that the design of the Scuba Diver Life website is top quality, as is all the multimedia content –Which is great unless your bandwidth can’t handle it.

All photos here are taken in professional quality. The same can be said about their videos, which are a tool widely used by the administrators of this site to promote worldwide activities and destinations.

You’ll be pleased to know that the site is complemented with an online store, where you can buy most of the items needed for underwater activities, fins, diving knives, diving lights, suits, among other things.

In case you like to discuss or share opinions, there is a section of the site dedicated to it, but note that you cannot register a user on this site.

If you want to receive information on your email from them, you can subscribe to the newsletter, which is easy to do since a dialog box appears as soon as you enter this page.

Finally, if you have the resources to explore the most attractive coasts of the country or the world, then the travel section will be useful.

Scuba Diving

Official Site

As expected this is another good site on the web where you get great visual material of life under the sea.

Scuba Diving is a page that focuses on the simple side of this world, thus demonstrating that anyone with the desire has the possibility to practice this beautiful activity.

The photo section is eye-catching, primarily since you can enjoy the work of professional photographers who put at your fingertips the most colorful marine animals.

You can also participate in the best photo contests or see the winners. Still, the best thing about this section is that you can benefit from tutorials for editing photos or making underwater photos. They will help you improve your own diving experience.

You can also read interesting online articles about underwater activities and get reviews of suits, fins, and other elements in their section called ScubaLab.

This site is especially useful if you are thinking about replacing your equipment thanks to its reviews.


Official Site

With more than 60000 followers on Facebook, Aquaviews is a website with a simple and fresh design, which is pleasant for whoever enters.

On the home page, the content is posted in chronological order, so if you enter the site, it will often be easy to know which have been the last articles to be published.

When you enter the Guide section, you will find many tips to help you every time you get out of the house and into the water. For example, a few highlights are “How to calculate your diving weight,” “How to purify salt water: an essential survival tactic,” “A complete guide for diving compressors,” among others.

If you’re thinking of an exotic destination for your next vacation, including good sites for diving, then the list of destinations will be interesting for you.

Take a look as Aguaviews has a guide to the top 10 dive sites for diving in the world. You’ll be able to discover new and exciting underwater sites that will provide you with a unique adventure. It includes places from The Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Curaçao, among others.

Note: If you can’t go too far, you can also see the best diving destinations by country.

Official Site is a free online dive magazine run by passionate divers and instructors.

This digital magazine’s goal is to be the best source of information for people going on their first dive trip and for the experienced diver who knows the ins and outs of all evils at Abu Neuhaus or scuba diving in Thailand.

Learning to dive is a good way to invest time and spend time with your partner, and on this website, you can get in touch with the main diving instruction agencies, including PADI and SSI. At the bottom of the homepage, you will find a shortlist of major dive destinations, including Thailand, the Maldives, and Indonesia.

They are concerned about properly educating all those who want to learn more, so on the same home page, you will see a section entitled “Facts and information about diving” that will always be there to provide you with brief but useful information about diving. They also promote Snorkeling as a marine activity.

DTMag – Dive Training

Official Site

This is a page dedicated both to newcomers to the world of diving and also prepared for diving instructors who search the internet (with a lot of effort) for quality content that goes beyond the visual and adds real value to their extensive knowledge.

In this regard, Dive Training offers great content in a well-organized and easy to explore the site.

  • On the home page are anchored the most relevant news related to the world of diving.
  • You will see a section dedicated to showing you the best destinations for these activities inside and outside the United States.
  • You can use this platform to find the closest diving courses for you (Considering location and level).
  • They have an app for Android and iPhone.

Make sure to visit the section called Library. There you can enjoy content prepared for all kinds of people that range from Medicine applied to dive to psychology applied to dive, history of diving, marine life, marine sciences, diving skills, submarine photography, among other topics.


Official Site

Divezone is a site with a quite simple objective, to allow enthusiasts from all over the world to share their diving experiences and sensations in their favorite destinations.

In fact, we can tell you that this is a blog where you can share your passion for this activity without having to register a user and at the most convenient time for you.

This blog has a great practical value because it allows you to know first-hand what it is like to explore a certain place on your list of destinations to visit.

And you don’t have to read articles in tourism pages that only show you the virtues of the place, but people who have already been there can give you valuable tips so you can have a completely positive experience.

They have a pervasive list of places in their reviews, including countries rarely mentioned in previous websites such as Seychelles, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Arctic, Honduras, Italy, and other interesting and exotic places.

Besides, you will see a section with the most beautiful photos of the month uploaded by other people on the home page.

Girls that Scuba

Official Site

Founded by Sarah Richard, Divemaster, and travel blogger, who, among other things, worked in a Liveaboard in Micronesia being the only diver on staff, this site started as a Facebook page to make new scuba diving friends. Still, it quickly turned into the largest community of online divers.

You can be part of this community by registering on the website or following them on their social networks.

If you are interested in working with them, then you should contact them and wait for their response, but keep in mind that they are very demanding with their collaborators.

Besides, they have a very eye-catching online store, focused on providing special clothing for women –Focusing on good-looking yet environmentally friendly fashion.

Naturally, the site includes a section of interesting destinations to visit and a section with valuable content to learn to dive. Another one of the opinions where you will find interesting articles developed from their perspective of diving.


After reading our list, you’re in a better position to know where to start educating yourself about diving. Whether you’re an apprentice or an experienced instructor, everyone can benefit from good online content.

Most have online stores for you to buy everything you need for scuba diving.

On the other hand, you’ll find tips on the destinations you have in mind, on diving-related medicine, how to be a good underwater photographer, and much more.

All you have to do is choose the website you like best and start your journey, but keep in mind that the best diving experience will come when you get wet!

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