Should I Sign a Prenup? A Guide

You’re getting ready to get married and have so much to do! Between planning the wedding, finding your outfits, planning your honeymoon, and dealing with the legal work behind marriage, it’s hard to keep up.

When many people get married, they choose to get a prenuptial agreement (or a  prenup). Are you thinking, “should I sign a prenup?” Are prenups bad?

Prenups don’t mean that you don’t trust your partner, but why should you get one? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before you make your decision.

What Is a Prenup Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a legal document between future spouses. They sign it before they’re legally married.

When one signs a prenup, it means that they are protecting themselves and their assets in the event of a divorce. Everything that belongs to that partner will continue to belong to them.

Prenups have very clear and specific language to ensure no loopholes or misconceptions before the couple signs. Each partner decides what they want to include in the prenup, and everything else will be up to the state or their agreements in case of a divorce.

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Prenup Pros and Cons

So now that you know what a prenup is, should you sign one? Is it really necessary if you’re devoted to your partner and don’t plan on divorcing?

Keep in mind that no one gets married with the plan to get divorced in the future. Prenups aren’t bad, but here are the pros and cons.


As we mentioned, prenups protect you. They protect both partners, even if people usually only consider them when talking about a wealthy partner. They can protect assets, children from previous marriages, and more.

Financial abuse, in some cases, is more difficult with a prenup. If those assets have protection behind a prenup, there’s no way to marry someone for their resources and assets.

If you get divorced in the future, having that prenup arranged will make things easier. It means that you’re negotiating assets while you’re getting along instead of while things are tense.

You can always change things later or work out other agreements with your partner if you’re getting divorced, and you can always get rid of the prenup if you want to.


So why wouldn’t someone want a prenup?

Some people might get upset if their partner wants them to sign a prenup. They may feel their partner doesn’t trust them or that their partner feels their wealth is more important or valuable.

If you still feel the need to have a prenup, make sure that you have an open and honest conversation with your partner and explain to them how it can help both of you.

Should I Sign a Prenup? You Decide

Prenups aren’t for everyone. When you’re trying to figure out, “Should I sign a prenup?” talk to your partner about your concerns and try to decide together. Remember, a prenup doesn’t mean that you don’t trust or love them.

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