5 Signs You’re Living in a Haunted House

Have you noticed cold pockets in your home or things showing up where they don’t belong? You could be dealing with paranormal activity! When a ghost is present, you’ll notice certain changes in your home environment that may make living difficult. Continue below to learn the five signs you may be living in a haunted house!

1. Temperature Changes

While changes in temperature themselves aren’t necessarily a sign of paranormal activity, drastic ones in specific spots may be! If you’re walking through a room or hallway and feel like the temperature dropped thirty degrees lower than the rest of the home, you may be in the presence of a ghost.

It’s usually a very abrupt change and can’t be explained by a draft. This could be because you’ve sensed danger and, in your fear, have emitted high energy levels to which the presence is drawn.

2. Strange Noises and Smells

Everyone’s home makes certain noises due to settling, appliances, and maybe even an uninvited rodent. It’s the same way with certain smells if you’re near the bathroom, something has died in your walls, or a guest was wearing heavy perfume.


Have you noticed scratching sounds and already had pest control come out to take a look? Does it sound like someone is walking upstairs when no one is home? These are the types of noises that point toward supernatural activity.

Another odd type of noise you could hear is whisperings. Someone could be trying to make contact with you or it could be signs of a residual haunting. You should look into your house’s history and learn more about the former residents.

Barring a friend trying to play a trick on you who stashed a recording somewhere, hearing voices isn’t a normal experience. If you’d like to try talking back, you could use the legendary ghost hunting gadget, Ovilus.


Noticing smells in certain places and at specific times, whether they’re good or bad, is a sign that you’re sharing your home with someone else. You could smell a sweet perfume aroma that doesn’t belong to you or a strong smell of smoke for no reason. It’s important to note that phantom smells could signify a sinus issue.

3. Moving Objects

We all misplace things from time to time. However, if objects disappear and reappear in places that don’t make sense, you could have a ghost. Visibly seeing objects move on their own or finding items strewn about are more signs that you’re dealing with something from the spiritual realm.

4. Issues with Electronics

Your TV could be glitching and need replacing, but if it’s randomly turning on and off a ghost may be trying to gain energy from it. The same could be said for lights flickering and your phone battery constantly being low.

5. Feeling Watched

You know that feeling that you’re being watched that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Your gut might be trying to tell you that you are!

You may wake up from sleeping and feel a presence in the room or have vivid dreams and the feeling of being touched. These creepy signs point to a specter.

Your Haunted House

If multiple of these signs sound familiar, it might be time to consider moving from your haunted house. You can try communicating with them and telling them to move on, but if you don’t feel comfortable in your spooky house, leave.

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Yvan Lebrun
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