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Sites Like Disclose TV

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If you love to read about unexplained phenomena and conspiracy theories, you will love our list of sites like Disclose TV. This website is a conspiracy news site that brings you all sorts of great information that will stun and surprise you. Major media outlets practically ignore most of the information on Disclose TV. As one of the top conspiracy theory websites online, they certainly will know how to captivate your attention.

You will discover many categories ranging from many different topics, including conspiracy videos, documentaries, and interesting articles. Disclose TV is simply one of the best places to find information about hidden secrets that have been kept from us for a very long. This site brings us “classified” documents, decoded mysteries, paranormal and UFO news, and many other interesting subjects.

You will also have a blast using the Disclose TV Facebook page and browsing their other social media accounts. We have decided to provide you with a list of other sites like Disclose TV so you can truly satisfy your curiosity. Whether you’re looking for information about scientific anomalies, global power, conspiracy theories, governments, UFOs, and much more, you can find it on the top conspiracy news sites below. Start browsing them now if you enjoy Disclose TV and other similar sites.

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It would be impossible for us to create a list of the top conspiracy theory websites like Disclose TV without mentioning InfoWars. Alex Jones has become one of the most popular people in the industry over the past few years. Unfortunately, since the past elections, major media news outlets have enjoyed bashing him.

This often happens when someone stands up for what’s right, and others are not permitted to do so. Hence, nobody knows all the truth, but Alex Jones and his team will certainly shed some light on global powers and conspiracy theories in general via their website InfoWars.


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Alex Jones also owns another website similar to InfoWars, so you may occasionally find similar content. Prison Planet remains managed by people other than InfoWars, so you will find different articles and information daily. Go ahead and visit PrisonPlanet, where you will also be able to listen in on the Alex Jones Radio Show and read about the latest conspiracy news online.

The Above Top Secret

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The Above Top Secret is surely one of the oldest and most recognized free press sites on the internet, which delivers all sorts of information. Among the best sites like Disclose TV, The Above Top Secret provides you with a huge selection of documentary videos, varied documents, conspiracy theories, alien existence news, and so much more. So if you enjoy conspiracy news and paranormal news sites, you will love The Above Top Secret.

Conspiracy Archive

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Conspiracy Archive is another one of the sites like Disclose TV that we had to add to this list. You will read about many topics, including subjects concerning the world’s elite, secret societies, Freemasonry, and much more. So whether you’re wondering what the Bilderbergs are up to or if you want to learn more about the famous Bohemian Grove ritual practices, the Conspiracy Archive is there for you.

The Truth Seeker

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As their name suggests, The Truth Seeker is constantly searching for trust. Very similar to Disclose TV and among the best sites like InfoWars, The Truth Seeker will be able to provide you with a ton of quality articles ranging over dozens of categories. You will find information on topics such as the new world order, crop circles, mass immigration, vaccine dangers, and many other controversial subjects. The Truth Seeker is also part of the legendary conspiracy theory website that has lasted for years by always providing great and up-to-date information.


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Last but not least is WorldTruth TV, which may very well become one of our favorite websites. You will find a huge selection of varied categories filled with important information of high quality. So, you will find it all here if you’re looking for details about Chemtrails or even proof of extraterrestrial beings. WorldTruth TV will surely bring you the quality information you will love reading about, so browse their interface now.

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