7 Game Sale Sites Like G2A

Sites Like G2A

If you love using sites like G2A for buying cheap game keys online, you’ll definitely enjoy our list of G2A alternatives below. SiteComme spent days finding the best websites like G2A worth buying the Steam game and console game keys. We guarantee that each cheap CD key site below will get you low prices and quality games.

G2A is among the best game key sites online, but you never know who you will be dealing with directly as a marketplace to buy and sell game keys. Fortunately, sites like Kinguin sites like Green Man Gaming and even sites like Steam exist. With so many G2A alternatives available, you will never have to buy game keys from unreliable sources again.

Below is our list of the very best sites like G2A that you can actually trust. We’ve had great pleasure buying key games from each one of these game key reseller platforms. With positive results each time, the following CD key site platforms are the best on the internet. So explore them now to get the best deals on the hottest Steam games, Origin games, console games, and even PC games!

Visit G2A


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Since it first launched in 2013, Kinguin has been a leader in the discount CD keys industry. With tons of cheap Steam codes, numerous Xbox One game keys, PS4 CD keys, and even PC games, you will always find everything that you’re looking for. So whether you want to get your hands on the newest release or even if you want to buy old classics, Kinguin will always help you save as much money as humanly possible. Check out their game key reseller platform now, or keep scrolling for more sites like Kinguin and G2A.

Green Man Gaming

Official Site

Green Man Gaming is definitely one of the best websites, like Kinguin and G2A online. They bring you massive savings when buying games online. With almost half of every major game released, you will be able to game without having to spend a fortune. So whether you’re looking for cheap Steam games or even if you’re looking for PS4 game keys online, you’ll find it all at Green Man Gaming.


Official Site

Enjoy some of the lowest prices on game keys online when buying keys from SCDkey. As one of the main sites like G2A, you won’t believe how many options are available when browsing their website. They have thousands of console games and PC games available to choose from, allowing you to find almost any video game type for all types of platforms!

Lucky Random Keys

Official Site

Lucky Random Keys lets you win random CD keys rather than actually spending the full retail price for them. Each entry costs $2, and you always come out with a winner. However, you only have a 1:50 chance of winning a new release, a 1:25 chance of winning an older mainstream game, and a great chance of getting a lesser-known underground video game. Nonetheless, it’s a fun and cheap way to test your luck and always walk away with something.


Official Site

Another one of the top Steam key sites like G2A is Off Gamers. Whether you’re a fan of Call of Duty, the FIFA series, or even The Sims, you will always find games that excite you at meager prices. Of course, they don’t have quite as much choice as the game key platforms listed above, but you will still get low prices and find a game available in most genres.


Official Site

With game keys as low as $2, you’ll truly enjoy shopping for new video games at GamesRocket. This easy-to-browse platform is incredibly well built and has a fast delivery service that ensures you can play the games you buy within moments. As one of the best G2A alternatives online, you’ll truly have an amusing time browsing their lineup, which includes major hits such as Farming Simulator, Watch Dogs, Doom, and much more!


Official Site

Very easy to use, Bananatic is part of the best game key resellers on the internet. You’ll find a ton of Steam games available at shallow price points. In addition, you’ll be able to find just as many old classics as new releases when browsing through their online store. Raise your gaming level to a whole new experience by playing more games for much less when shopping at Bananatic.

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