6 Buy Now Pay Later Sites Like HSN

Sites Like HSN

HSN ( Home Shopping Network ) is a great site where you can buy name brand products for your home. Electronics, furniture, clothes, toys, water softener, appliances, and more can be bought online from HSN.

The best thing about this site is its payment plans and financing options. Even if you have a low credit score or have never financed before, HSN can help you own the home entertainment set of your dreams. This site has gadgets galore.

There’s definitely something for everyone on HSN. For more great websites like HSN that let you buy now and pay later, browse this list of suggestions. The only question now is how much do you want to spend and what should you get?

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MDG is one of the most popular financing sites like HSN. This site likes to give you options. Whether you’re looking to rent or to own, or even pay weekly or monthly payments, MDG lets you make that choice.

If you need a new television or want a new laptop, MDG will lend you up to $3000 in the line of credit to get what you desire. Everyone gets approved. No credit, even bad credit. Also, if you keep your payments up to date you can build your credit which lets you order more from MDG.

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 Midnight Velvet 


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Midnight Velvet is one of the oldest buy now pay later sites like HSN. This store has been around since 1987. With its store credit option, you can add some flair to your life. For payments as little as $20 a month. Within 24 hrs you’ll know if you’ve been approved, don’t worry Midnight Velvet doesn’t require a high credit score.

This shop has so much stuff to choose from. Clothing and accessories, electronics, home decor, even gift ideas are just waiting for you to find them within Midnight Velvet’s pages. The sale section has great offers while the style section helps make choosing the right item for your needs much easier. Start browsing Midnight Velvet while you wait for your approval!

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FlexShopper is another great place to lease to own. Did your fridge break down? Do you want a new couch or gaming system? FlexShopper can help you. Almost anyone is approved. Good or bad credit. The payments are suitable to fit your needs, monthly or weekly, you choose.

This site will quickly approve your application, that only takes minutes to fill out, for up to a $2500 spending limit. All you have to do after that is to find what you want within thousands of top name products and wait a few days for them to arrive. Home shopping has never been easier, or more affordable.

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Easy Home



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This Canadian, HSM recommendation is called Easy Home. This site has all the perks offered in the other buy now pay later shops but is limited to a Canadian market. Why not take advantage of the low payment options to spruce up your bedroom or living room?

Easy Home approves 97% of its customers making it a great place to start with online financing and if you’re looking for a personal loan, they can help with that too. Financing between $500 and $15000 can be approved within a few days. If you’re a Canadian you must take a look at one of the best additions to websites like HSN.

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Fingerhut is one of the best buy now pay later sites. This online store carries big brands such as Sony, Dell, KitchenAid, and even Fisher-Price. Once you fill out the form, Fingerhut lets you know how much you can finance.

A great thing about Fingerhut is that the payments are monthly, compared to some of the other sites like HSN that want weekly payments. Every day there are new products on Fingerhut, which makes your shopping even more enjoyable.

There’s sure to be something you need or just really want. There’s even a clearance category where you can find discounts on everything, even electronics. Financing online has never been simpler!

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