Sites Like Swappa to Buy and Sell Electronics Online

Renewing your electronics shouldn’t be a nightmare. And with Sites Like Swappa to Buy and Sell Electronics Online, you can even update with some used versions that may do the trick. For example, if you see buying a new PS5 as an expensive take, you can swap your old console and buy a nice PS4 instead. Check out where to do it!

Visit Swappa


Official Site

This platform presents a more orderly website than the previous alternative. For example, if you go to the main page, you will find two main sections: Purchasing and Sales.

The sales department has a sufficiently efficient search engine. However, the number of available products is not significant. For example, you can find various iPhone or Samsung devices, but other products are unavailable.

On the other hand, the sales system consists of three simple steps: bid, approve the review, and receive the money. It should be noted that Gazelle presents rigorous policies regarding the condition and provenance of the device.

No lost, stolen, or damaged phone will be received.

Finally, there are several valid promotions for both sellers and buyers. With these, you can secure some amount as a seller or receive discounts as a buyer.


  • Various promotions
  • Easy to use
  • Sales made in simple steps


  • Small catalog

Gazelle experiences the same criticism regarding the quality of its products when selling second-hand items. However, there are not many complaints related to it. Instead, we believe that the small catalog may be even more critical.

There may be better options than Gazelle, but dismissing it entirely is unnecessary.


Official Site

In this case, you will find a reasonably extensive shopping catalog. They have different devices, including Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, and Nokia. On the other hand, you can also find offers for other devices such as laptops, smartwatches, tablets, etc.

The platform specializes in offering refurbished devices. For this reason, the products are usually priced a little lower than usual.

It presents a significant disadvantage in the location of the sales system. With this, you can only sell your device in a specific area indicated by Cashify.

On the other hand, the amounts are usually not very adequate. As a result, you will likely get a better offer on another kind of platform. The same applies to the sales system, which allows you to sell your devices for a not very beneficial price.


  • Various types of devices
  • Multiple brands available


  • High prices

We can only recommend this platform in case you find a cheap device. However, the fees for sales are usually not very beneficial for sellers. Thus, we do not recommend you to use Cashify.


Official Site

This alternative guarantees you a highly secure sales system with suitable offers. In addition, it has several policies that allow you to reject the trade-in prices granted by Gizmo Grinda. At the same time, it has security protocols, verification, and data protection to keep your peace of mind during your transactions.

The catalog is very extensive. You can get a wide range of devices from different brands on the platform. However, it does not have items other than phones or tablets. You will not find laptops or any similar items.

Such a system is quite simple. Making a trade-in is very easy, and it is very well explained on the website.


  • Wide range of brands
  • Simplified trade-in system
  • High security
  • Multiple guarantee policies


  • No, buy and sell marketplace

It is a good option only if you are interested in trade-ins. This is attributed to the lack of a shopping marketplace on the platform. However, the catalog is extensive enough to find a device that suits your needs.

Cash On Pick

Official Site

Here you will be able to find several functions. The company has a device sales and repair system. It does not have a marketplace to buy devices. You can only enter your items to sell them on the platform.

On the other hand, you can sell almost any electronic device. They have sections dedicated to selling phones, tablets, laptops, washing machines, and even air conditioners.

Regarding the opinion of its users, it is pretty negative. There are almost no positive reviews related to the service offered by Cash On Pick. On the contrary, their customers constantly talk about problems linked to incorrect prices and issues with customer service.


  • Wide range of devices
  • Repair system
  • Simple sales system
  • Native app on Android and iOS


  • No purchase system

Considering the platform’s features, this seems to be an ideal option for selling devices. It has many options that are not found on other websites. However, the bad rating of its users makes us doubt the actual quality of its services. That is why we cannot recommend it.


Official Site

uSell is one of the sites like Swappa that is dedicated to selling your electronic devices. It does not directly have a system for buying items like other platforms in the market.

You can enjoy free shipping, guarantees, and a straightforward payment system within the platform. In addition, they have a wide variety of options to sell to the company. For example, you can trade phones, cameras, tablets, and video game consoles, among other possibilities.

It is interesting the methods you can take to receive your payments. These can come through Paypal or physical checks.

uSell has a high recognition related to its security. You can track your sales order at all times. In addition, it conveys a sense of confidence and control during your transactions.

It has many positive reviews with customers delighted with the service.


  • High confidence and security
  • Accessible payment methods
  • Various types of devices


  • No shopping or trade-in marketplace

Undoubtedly this is the best alternative when it comes to selling electronic devices. You are always given control of your transactions, keeping you in a safe and reliable environment. If you plan to sell any of these items, uSell may be the ideal option.


Official Site

When you enter this platform, you will be directly confronted with the catalog of items for sale. You can also post products for sale on the platform. However, this does not seem to be the primary function of digiCircle.

A window with multiple prices for the same product will be displayed if you select an option you are interested in. In turn, the platform has two different prices for each of them. The lower price is only available if you are an official digiCircle member.

Being part of this group is free and only requires you to create an account on the platform. In addition, holding a digiCircle membership also qualifies you for a 15% discount.


  • Lots of discounts
  • Multiple options
  • Extremely economical
  • Bulk buying and selling system


  • Low-quality control

Many of their customers have filed complaints regarding the products purchased. Being a platform for selling used electronic equipment, it is likely to experience this unpleasant scenario. However, this seems more linked to low-quality control of the products in digiCircle’s catalog.

We do not recommend you to use this platform under any circumstances.

To sum up

We can divide the different platforms presented according to their specialty. If we want to sell an item, the best option is uSell. Undoubtedly, it simply has the best functions accompanied by the necessary security.

In the case of trade-in, we have to mention GizmoGrind. This platform is dedicated to it in its entirety and performs it skillfully.

Finally, when buying a second-hand electronic device, we must go to Glyde. Here we will find the best deals and prices that we probably won’t see on another similar platform.