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Buying clothes can be a boring task. Dull designs repeated over and over, and when you finally find one that you like, you can bet that sooner or later you will cross paths with someone wearing the same one as you.

That is why sites like TeeFury have become wildly popular; artists from all around the world submit their designs, and you have 24 hours to place your order. Some shirts are available after this period, but others are gone for good, making you the proud owner of a limited-edition piece of clothing. At TeeFury you can find tees, hoodies, tank tops, and sweaters, as well as pins and posters.

Most of the designs are targeted at young people, with themes like pop-culture parody and original art. They are submitted by independent artists who get their work showcased for everyone to enjoy. The customer service at TeeFury is friendly and helpful. If you have a problem with your order, they will cooperate with you until you are completely satisfied.

Sites Like TeeFury

Make sure to visit this site regularly, because unique limited-edition items are launched throughout the year. Leggings, beanies, skirts and even shoes can be found at these events, and only last for a few days. For other sites like TeeFury where you can buy apparel with amazing designs, keep reading our list, we are sure you will find one you like.

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Few websites like TeeFury are as popular as CafePress is; it is even listed on the NASDAQ! Whatever you need, you will probably find it here, since there are over one billion items with designs that have been crowd-funded by over two million independent designers.

The list of products is huge: clothing, drinkware, wall art, phone cases, and stationery are just a few of them. Don’t miss the CafePress coupons that are regularly posted on their homepage; they can give you a nice discount on your order.

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Ript is a website similar to TeeFury; it is a design-per-day shirt retailer, with designs submitted by artists from across the globe. But here, if you don’t place your order in time, the shirt goes to the “Ript graveyard” and is never available again.

Although t-shirts are the most popular garments, there are also tote bags and cell phone cases which are worth a visit. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you will receive a Ript coupon for a 15% discount.

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Day of the Shirt 


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Visiting sites like TeeFury can be tiring. That is why this website is a great TeeFury alternative. It works as an aggregator, which means that it gathers designs sold at several other sites and shows them on its homepage.

The designs are updated hourly and refreshed every day, but only t-shirts are shown; if you are looking for other items, you will have to visit the websites directly.

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OtherTees is a popular tee shirts site, which features limited edition t-shirts which are available for 24 hours. This is one you should visit; the designs are amazing, and some even glow in the dark.

One section you can’t miss is the panties page, with colorful, cartoonish drawings. Worldwide shipping is available, and all major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

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While most TeeFury alternatives have an excellent layout, this one, to be honest, looks pretty outdated. However, if you take your time, you can find lots of mind-blowing designs. The neckties section, for example, has original designs which are perfect for standing out from the crowd.

One thing to keep in mind is that this site focuses on clothing items, while most of the sites like TeeFury offer all sorts of different items.

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The first stop on our sites like TeeFury list is ShirtCity. There are over 20,000 ready-made designs, but if you are a creative person, you can also submit your own to have it printed on your item. The catalog of products is quite extensive.

Not only is there the typical t-shirt or hoodie but also cooking aprons, baseball caps, buttons, and oven gloves. One thing we loved is the teddy bears with a t-shirt which you can print your design on. It makes a wonderful gift for children!

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