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If you are looking for a place to read and write anywhere, Wattpad is a platform that allows you to write your own stories and read those of others. This global, multi-platform entertainment company uses the power of community and technology to enable you to create and distribute your content in a variety of formats.

It was founded in Canada in 2007, offering services that cost $4.99 and $9.99. The premium package is not much different from the permium+. Both offer ad-free reading unlimited offline stories, so if you decide to immerse yourself in the readings that this site offers, you can opt for a 7-day free trial.

Sites Like Wattpad

Yet, Wattpad is but one site where you can share your content; today, we bring you a great list of Sites Like Wattpad where you can publish your stories or read from others anytime, anywhere.

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Booksie is a platform that allows you to publish books, stories, poems, and more. Moreover, for readers, it offers free online publications in which you will find tens of thousands of novels, stories, and poems.

Founded in 2018, it is a fairly young company that continues to bet on new ventures. The few opinions you can find about it are mostly positive, expressing the friendliness of their customer service. Booksie offers a premium membership for $2.50/month to all who want to be part of their stock as writers; it also offers a free trial.


  • You can get new writing talent.
  • Publish your writings.
  • Simple platform.
  • Low-cost membership.
  • For writers, you can enter their contests with prizes in metal.


  • Writers may not be comfortable with the conditions set by the site.

In conclusion, if you are looking for space to read or publish your writings, Booksie can become a place to discover, make friends and help support or be supported by the next generation of creative people.


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Writing allows you to store and display your poetry, stories, and other writings if you are a writer. If you are a reader lover and willing to offer comments on the writers and their writings, this is the website for you.

With ten years in the writing market, this site has great positive acceptance by its users, highlighting the great community interaction, criticism, and useful comments towards the writers, which is an impulse to improve.

Free memberships are available to anyone who wants to join; however, Writing has four levels of paid memberships for you: Basic ($19.95 per year), Enhanced ($49.95 per year), Premium ($139.95 per year), and Premium Plus ($419.95 per year), it will depend on the needs you have as a writer.


  • Friendly community.
  • Criticism and useful suggestions.
  • Contests for writers.


  • High-cost memberships for writers.

In short, if you are a writer looking for useful tools, inspiration, and community support to make your writing public, may be for you. Nevertheless, the price is a bit high for high-level memberships.


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One of the great sites like Wattpad, Penada offers the opportunity to publish your stories socially and collaboratively and provide advice with their courses, making it ideal for those starting writers; consider that this platform allows you to monetize your writing.

Penana was founded in 2014 and has few reviews making it a probable new experience; besides, its community is quite friendly and still in formation.


  • Friendly community.
  • Criticism and useful suggestions.
  • Mini contests for writers.


  • A site with unclear information for users.
  • Poorly organized platform.

Finally, one of the elements you will find in Penana is the possibility of providing constructive comments to the writers’ stories to help them improve. On the other hand, you will find Writing Societies where similar minds are grouped and promote their passion and interests by creating or facilitating discussions.

Critique Circle

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This site offers you the possibility to publish a story, receive criticism or suggestions for improvement and give criticism to other writings with the same purpose, the quality of the comments you receive may vary, as they may come from novice members who are still learning the art of constructive criticism, or from experienced members.

With seven years of experience in this field, Critique Circle presents divided opinions. Users often comment on the need to pay for a membership to receive criticism, and others express their displeasure at the offensive language of some people.

As for pricing, Critique Circle has a free basic membership that requires points to upload your story. These are earned by reviewing other writings and options; they also offer a Premium membership of $4.08/ month and Premium Gold of $7.41/ month.


  • Criticism and useful suggestions.
  • Organized system.


  • It does not allow you to monetize your writing.

Critique Circle is a site to give and receive opinions that can improve your story or novel. On this site, you are only paid with reviews instead of money.

The Young Writers Society

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This site offers a nice place to share and experiment with your stories! As for what they do, it offers a platform where you can place your entries as blogs and create lineal chapters by adding them to your profile.

The Young Writers Society is a site based on serving fiction literature mostly. So, this is your ideal place to experiment with your writing if you have that “swords & dragons” writing in mind. Besides, there are forum and review sections. These work as feedback for writers to improve their stories from a friendly and managed writer community.


  • Great for newbie fantasy writers
  • A nice and friendly community filled with experts
  • Quick turnaround to get a feedback


  • The site is a bit hard to navigate
  • The community is centered only deeply on fantasy fiction, so non-fantasy seems to be cast aside a bit.
  • Expect some spam in your mail inbox

Archive of Our Own (AO3)

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AO3 is a fan-driven site that is 100% to fanfics! This is the best place you can go if you want to write or post something that will not pass any royalty check. You can freely write about books, cartoons, music, theater, celebrities, etc.

The site is a bit messy, and the comments section can get a little violent. But, leaving the community aside is a great place to share ideas and even search for common opinions.


  • A wide selection of categories to fanfic!
  • A reliable platform with a decent community -in numbers.


  • Feedback is only through comments
  • The site is messy. Finding something interesting to read can be hard

In the End

Publishing a story or book, in general, is a huge step, so looking for some help or critical opinions is a nice option when looking for guidance in general. Sites like Writing and Penana are great, but sites like Wattpad and Booksie are still the best options for you if you are a beginner.