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We all need to get quick money to deal with unplanned situations, such as the mechanic’s bill or a home renovation due to an unexpected change.

The most common practice in these cases is to resort to personal loans, and there are sites on the internet that offer quick and easy solutions.

If this is your case or need funds for something else, Slam Dunk Loans offers loans between $ 200 and $ 2,500.

For this reason, in this Slam Dunk Loans review, we will show you what you need to know about this online loan site and how it can (or not) solve your financial emergency.

How Does Slam Dunk Loans Work?

The first thing you need to do is dedicate 5 minutes to complete the initial form with personal and work information, including social security numbers.

Keep in mind that after connecting with a lender, you may need to give more personal information to proceed with the loan.

Rest assured that this information is secure, just as in the best online loan sites, this information is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption –Which is the same one that most banks use in the U.S.

Before completing your online loan application, you must ensure that you meet at least the following requirements:

  • Be employed or receive regular income.
  • Earn at least $ 800 per month in both cases
  • Have a checking account
  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Be a US citizen

On this site, customers who have declared bankruptcy rejected checks, or have other credit problems can be approved for quick cash loans. However, you must carefully read the conditions proposed by the lender to avoid online loans for bad credit.

Did you know?With this site, you can request by phone (866-956-2474)

Moving on In the Procedure

Once the digital form is completed and defined the amount, you will request, Slam Dunk Loans sends it to a lender network, which will analyze your profile and propose an offer based on the data obtained.

They can also appeal to one of the big three to get your rating and credit history.

It is possible that in a matter of minutes, the offers from the lenders begin to arrive, but keep it calm and try to analyze in detail each offer you receive to obtain better rates.

You might also avoid conditions with which you do not agree or get any other information that can be considered important.

Make sure to provide accurate information so that the offers you receive are adjusted to your financial reality.

Besides, do not accept a proposal if you do not agree with something.

All potential lenders must inform you of each of the installments’ details, so ensure that you get such information before making a decision.

Rates and Fees

Because Slam Dunk Loans is not a loan site, they do not charge any fees for their services, so you should not make any payments to complete your application.

The goal is to contact a lender, so the rates and fees depend on the method of work of the lender you choose. You will get the details of that information when you are directed to the lender’s website.

The APR (annual percentage rate) of your short-term loan will be between 200% and 2,290%, depending on factors such as:

  • Amount of the loan
  • Duration
  • Charges for loans incurred.
  • Late Fees
  • Charges for non-payment
  • Loan renewal actions

Likewise, each lender has its own fees and conditions in the case that you incur in delayed payments, partial payments, or even defaults, as well as your own rates or fines in these cases.

If you do not have the funds to meet the fees, contact your lender to negotiate a renewal before you fall into default.

Keep in mind that a professional lender will always prefer to recover his money in more time to lose it permanently.

You Should Also Know

Slam Dunk Loans is an easy-to-use website. On its homepage, it shows how it works, its purpose, and even reasons to prefer its services, claiming reasons equal to those of the best online loan sites:

  • Comfort, Time, and Security.

Remember that online loans or refinances are not allowed in some states, so you should make sure of the restrictions that apply in your case.

Wait no more and apply to get the money that you need at the best rates and really fast.

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