The 7 Most Common Warning Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

Not being in a relationship can provide physical and emotional satisfaction for both men and women.

Men, in particular, feel good when they can provide for and satisfy their partner’s needs in life and in the bedroom.

If there is any underperformance, men begin to feel lesser of themselves. Not performing to meet their partners’ needs sexually often feels worse for men.

Signs of erectile dysfunction should be noted and addressed if you notice problems with your little soldier. But, unfortunately, more often than not, the problem is the guy.

The problem is erectile dysfunction.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Men who have erectile dysfunction aren’t able to start or maintain an erection during intercourse. Others might also know this problem as another word: impotence.

Usually, when a man feels sexually excited, the muscles in the penis relax for blood to flow. The engorged penis, as a result, hardens. If blood isn’t filled in the arteries of the penis, an erection cannot occur.

Erectile dysfunction isn’t as uncommon as many may think. Most guys may experience this when they’re stressed about something.

The problem is when the problem happens frequently. Erectile dysfunction may occur due to health or emotional problems that should be addressed.

Warning Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Reduced Sensitivity of the Penis: The penis may not respond the same to stimuli such as touch or any other form of excitement. For example, engaging in foreplay or having their partner feel them lacks the sexual effect it usually would have.
  2. Alteration in the Angle of an Erection: The angle of the penis doesn’t have to be completely straight. However, it shouldn’t be too bent, either. This sign that the penis can also not “stand up” firmly.
  3. Softer Erections: The penis stays soft or becomes quieter during erection. It will flop and make it difficult to penetrate inside your partner.
  4. Low Libido: The sex drive and passion for making love to their partner is reduced. A person with low libido won’t be in the mood even if their partner makes sexual advances.
  5. Short-Lasting Erections: While erections are relatively quick, they should last just enough for the male to reach their sexual climax. If this isn’t attained, then the erection lasts much too short. If the erection only lasts a few seconds and drops often, this is an obvious problem.
  6. Inability to Get an Erection: The failure to get an erection is perhaps the most embarrassing sign for men. They may think something is wrong with them. Their partner may think the problem is them and believe they aren’t sexually attractive.
  7. Less Bulky Erections: The overall shape doesn’t change as it should. When the penis is filled with blood, it becomes thicker. Since there is little to no blood in the area, it keeps its shape.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Most men don’t meet with a professional to treat erectile dysfunction because they’re ashamed. They falsely believe that the issue is them, but they must know their problems are caused by underlying health or emotional issues.

Treatment will vary from one person to another depending on the reason they have erectile dysfunction.


If a male suffers from extreme depression, anxiety, or other forms of mental stress, it’s important to seek counseling. In addition, there could be relationship hardships with a partner or a terrible event that happened in the past that may still bother you.

Lifestyle Modifications

For example, if you have specific issues and suffer from heart problems or obesity, it will help you lose weight and exercise. Chronic alcoholics or smokers should also stop if they’re experiencing erectile dysfunction.


A typical medicinal treatment for erectile dysfunction is taking either Cialis or Viagra as prescribed by a doctor. Cialis and Viagra are phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE5) that can treat erectile dysfunction.

Both oral tablets have similar side effects (such as feeling faint) and only work if a guy is sexually aroused. The difference between the two is how long the drug provides an impact.

  • Cialis (Tadalafil): Lasts about 36 hours and is taken 30 minutes before sex
  • Viagra (Sildenafil): Lasts about 4-5 hours and is taken 30-60 minutes before sex. Since the effects are shorter, Viagra is also deemed safer in preventing overdose.

Altered Health Condition-Related Medication

Those who have certain heart conditions can later experience erectile dysfunction. In these cases, Alprostadil may be prescribed. Other medications, like testosterone replacement, or a urethral suppository, may be administered for men battling other health conditions.

Physical Treatment

Using a penis pump or having penile implants is another option to discuss with your doctor. Neither will require that you take medication. Penile implants are usually seen as the last result if other conservative methods fail to work.

Male-Related Sexual Issues

Every once in a while, a man may not operate as he wants to.

It happens.

But what shouldn’t happen is ignoring obvious warning signs of erectile dysfunction.

If you cannot start or maintain an erection or notice other difficulties that affect your skill in the bedroom, you need to seek help.

You don’t have to live with erectile dysfunction and believe there is no way to treat the issue.

It’s best to talk to someone if you notice something is wrong. Erectile dysfunction can be treated or cured with suitable options.

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