The Best NFT Marketplaces: What You Need to Know

What do Twitter, Adidas, Nike, Budweiser, and Stephen Curry all have in common? Aside from making exorbitant amounts of money, they have all launched their own NFT collections in recent months.

While NFTs really began back in 2017, they didn’t hit the main stage until recently, when they blew up both in popularity and market capitalization, reaching a $41 billion valuation in 2021.

Those who have invested in the right collections and artists early on have reaped some serious rewards. And the good news is it’s not too late to jump in.

The best NFT marketplaces are loaded with hidden gems waiting to be collected by knowledgeable collectors. But what is the NFT marketplace you need to be using? Keep reading below to learn all about finding the best NFT art today.

Best Marketplaces for High-Quality Art

Looking for the absolute best NFT art? Look no further than SuperRare. They are known for featuring the top artists on their platform.

Each NFT artist on the platform has to go through a vetting process before they can list their work for sale here. It’s not a general marketplace that congregates anything and everything. It’s more of a curated selection of fine artworks.

Best Marketplace for up-and-coming Artists

Foundation is another NFT marketplace that limits the number of people who can sell on the platform. Existing artists can invite new artists to the platform to sell.

As an invite-only platform, it tends to attract up-and-coming artists who have started building a name for themselves and are looking to build a community of collectors.

Many artists will utilize the auction feature, allowing the community of collectors to determine the worth of artwork. The good news is that if you’re willing to dig, you can find high-quality artwork with competition from other collectors, allowing you to start building your collection without spending a fortune.

Best NFT Marketplaces for Large Collections

Not all NFTs priotize art. Many of the most popular NFT collections actually have low-quality art. But the value lies in something deeper.

Larger collections are very popular in the NFT space. It started with Cryptopunks launching a 10,000 NFT collection in 2017. Many others followed suit, from BAYC to Pudgy Penguins and countless others.

The value of these NFTs shifts daily, but it comes from the community. The price is determined by how much a collector is willing to spend to be a part of a particular community.

And for these types of NFT purchases, the best place to go is OpenSea. It’s the most popular NFT art marketplace and largely functions like eBay, where collectors sell their NFTs secondhand.

If cartoon images of apes, seals, cats, and zombies sound good to you, then head to OpenSea today.

Start Building Your Collection

There’s no one singular NFT marketplace that has it all. The best NFT marketplaces each have a main focus, along with strengths and weaknesses.

Explore each platform above and some of the other ones to get a feel for the type of artwork you like.

Looking for more tips on finding the best NFT art? Check out more of our blogs.

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