The One and Only Gun Range Essentials Checklist That You’ll Ever Need

Did you know that the rate of gun ownership in the United States has increased by 393.3 million over the last 20 years? While it might seem like people are stocking up more these days, it might be a good idea to have some basics on hand in case you need more ammunition or have to purchase another gun. Read on for the gun range essentials you need!

Eye and Ear Protection

When it comes to a gun range essentials checklist, eye and ear protection are two of the most important items you need.

It is vital to protect your hearing and vision when shooting in order to reduce the risk of both long-term and short-term negative side effects.

Earplugs and/or earmuffs can be used to reduce the sound of the gun discharging and the people around you talking. Eye protection, meanwhile, can range from protective glasses to shooting goggles but should always be well-fitting and comfortable.


Ammunition is essential when shooting at the gun range — it is the lifeblood of your firearm. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced shooter, having the right type of ammo and enough of it is essential. Understanding the differences between handgun & pistol caliber can also be invaluable in choosing the right ammunition for your specific firearm. But be sure to store your ammunition securely and responsibly.

Targets and Target Stands

The one and only gun range essentials checklist that you’ll ever need includes enough 9mm brass bulk for personal use, as well as target, stands. Depending on the activity and type of weapon/s being used, the size of the target and stand will vary.

It is also beneficial to have extra targets and stands, as well as different shapes and sizes of targets. Finally, be sure to have a safe area to set up the target stands and securely mount the targets. Remember, firearm safety first!

Cleaning Supplies and Oil

Cleaning supplies and oil are an absolute must. This includes rags, scrubbing brushes, gun lubricant, solvent, bore brushes, patching jags, gun cleaning rods, and muzzle guards.

As your gun will be exposed to dust, debris, and water, it’s essential that you properly clean and oil it after each use.

Gun Grease and Patches

Make sure to bring gun grease and patches to the range to keep your firearms in top condition. Gun grease is designed to prevent rust and corrosion and provide lubrication on moving parts.

Patches are made of absorbent material and should be used to clean the barrel after the shooting. You should also use patches to determine if there is an obstruction in the barrel.

Magazine Pouch and Holster

A magazine pouch and holster provide an accessible and secure way to store and quickly access the magazines for your gun. The magazine pouch is typically made of durable synthetic material.

The holster is designed to fit your gun perfectly and also secures the gun in place while at the range. It also provides a safe and comfortable way to carry the gun while at the range.

Know These Gun Range Essentials Checklist

Overall, having a gun range essentials checklist is a great tool for gun owners. Having the right materials to ensure safety and proper technique on the range is also essential.

Use this checklist to ensure you are prepared and have the necessary items the next time you are headed to the range. Now, grab your gear and get to the range!

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