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When it comes to interior design, there are many platforms available on the net. Many of them present certain specializations so you must enter multiple alternatives to be able to complete all the requirements of the home. This is the premise that The Spruce, a comprehensive platform designed to equip any corner of your home, seeks to fulfill.

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They present a wide range of items, being able to offer you from appliances to furniture and large decorative pieces. All of this is accompanied by a variety of different prices for a variety of styles. You can even find some items for outdoor design, ideal for those buyers who love gardening and outdoor living.

Additionally, The Spruce website is perfectly organized. So, you won’t have to struggle in the process of locating the items you want for a particular room in your home. This and much more is contained in their excellent store full of variety, themes, and freshness in their designs.

To make it easier for you to study The Spruce we decided to bring you a detailed review of their online store. Here you will find everything you need to know about its operation, prices, security, and the opinions of its users.

What is Spruce?

The Spruce is a platform dedicated to the design of your home. Unlike others, this one seeks to offer you a fresh style full of great designs and combinations. They will help you achieve this goal through tips and articles based on your previous searches. This way, you will be practically assured of always finding products that suit your preferences.

It is not directly a store where you can purchase your products. The Spruce is simply a page with articles for the design of different parts of your home. Within these items, you will find links to the suppliers of their recommendations. Thus, you will have the possibility to buy the recommended products in an easy and even more economical way.

On the other hand, it is a platform with more than 20 years in the market. This makes it a platform with great experience and a long list of loyal users. You will find hundreds of articles based on different criteria. This way, there will always be a tip to help you decorate your home in the most amazing way possible.

The platform contains 5 main categories: Decor, Garden, Home Improvement, Cleaning, and Celebrations. 

In the first section, you will find what any customer looking to improve their home decor is looking for. They have a long list of articles written about different styles. You can discover the best way to decorate a certain room, organize according to Feng Shui, or even learn how to accomplish certain household chores.

Meanwhile, in the Garden section, you will have at your disposal all kinds of articles for the care of your garden. You can learn how to transfer plants, harvest certain flowers, or discover some natural products for eliminating pests. Simply put, this may be the best help a gardening lover could have on his side.

As for the Home Improvement category, this section is completely dedicated to the installation and construction of certain parts of your home. You will come across articles to learn how to make repairs, paint walls or perform technical tasks. It may not look very appealing, but it is a much more functional section than you think. It’s an ideal section for parents or a young, single adult.

Finally, you have the Cleaning and Celebrations sections. In Cleaning you will have a list of articles to learn about the best ways to clean your home. Meanwhile, Celebrations contain different ideas and themes for holidays, events, or even birthday parties.

Regardless of the section you enter, you will be able to find some articles composed of lists of products for a certain function. In this kind of text, you will have the products recommended by the platform for that category.

How does Spruce work?

The Spruce works as a design platform composed of articles following the style of a blog. On the page, you have the different categories available to browse the articles. Each one of them presents a great number of details, so you will have no problems when following the instructions in its tutorials.

On the other hand, you can access the platform using a personal account. To create it, you only need to enter your email address to the platform from the registration system of the web page. This will allow you to receive information about new publications made on the platform. Thus, you will have instant access to them and it will allow you to always be up to date with The Spruce’s ideas.

Additionally, all products mentioned by The Spruce team are individually tested under highly objective criteria. In this way, there is no way that an item can be recommended solely because of the promotion of an external company. In turn, each product is analyzed in great detail by its specialists.

Any of the products found are chosen from a large list. These are filtered taking into account the quality of the item, its origin, and especially its cost. Therefore, it is very common to find products from little-known brands that maintain a high standard of quality.

In this way, at The Spruce you can get objective and analytical analyses for different categories of the commercial market.

How much does Spruce cost?

There is no cost to use The Spruce. All you have to do is go to their home page and you can access some of their articles for free. This access is not limited in any way, so you will have the possibility to analyze the different sections of the platform and links to recommended products. You will even be able to enter and subscribe to the website’s notification system by simply providing an email address.

The only products that may present a cost on the platform are those found in The Spruce links. You can get their price directly on the recommendation made in the article. The suppliers available can be very different, offering different brands tested by the team of experts on the platform.

Regarding the amounts, these can be very variable. Handling all kinds of themes and products, it is not surprising to find this great variety. Thus, they have recommendations valued from less than $15 to more than $500.

The price has a great influence on the opinion made by the team of experts. Therefore, those products with a higher cost may be subject to higher demand. Meanwhile, economical products are analyzed and measured always taking into account their accessibility.

Newsletter Subscription

As we mentioned, it is possible to subscribe to the platform completely free of charge. This contains the affiliation to a notification service to 5 different categories: Gardens, Evergreen, Shopping, Crafts, and Partner Offers. You will receive daily, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, daily, and advertising news for each section respectively.

The most interesting of these alternatives is The Spruce Partners Offers. It gives you the possibility to access exclusive promotions from its sponsors. You will find unique prices, great offers, and items not easily found. In addition, despite being sponsors of The Spruce, they all pass their quality standards with flying colors.

Is it safe to use Spruce?

The Spruce is considered a safe platform. It contains all the necessary security protocols to keep your personal information isolated. All this considering that there is no need to enter personal data to access the website.

On the other hand, its clientele indicates that it is a very reliable platform full of quality products. Thus, there is no need to fear when purchasing the platform. It is simply a way to get an excellent design in your home quickly, safely, and following your preferences.


The platform has all the necessary licenses to make recommendations and redirect to products. Thus, any items you want to purchase through their links have a certificate of veracity provided by The Spruce.

On the other hand, this page is dedicated to the exclusive use of people over 13 years of age. Based on this, they indicate that users under this age will be allowed to enter to avoid transactions and the introduction of personal data.

All content found on The Spruce is available outside the United States. This platform has no limitations on access. However, some products may only be available within North America. This will depend entirely on the supplier that is providing the product to be purchased.


It is an extremely reliable platform. This is demonstrated by the opinions of its users, who state that your purchases always arrive without problems. Thus, the stores linked to The Spruce are characterized by the high quality and security they maintain in their services. Despite this, we must emphasize that the platform does not maintain any kind of warranty. They are not responsible for the product you may receive. Thus, complaints must be submitted directly to the supplier of the product that The Spruce has linked you to. In turn, you must adhere to the terms and conditions imposed by this same supplier.

 Even so, The Spruce does not recommend stores or products of dubious origin. Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of when purchasing the recommended products. You only need to carefully analyze the conditions of the store where you will buy to know what to do in case of a problem.


  • Different categories
  • Items for tasks, ideas, and installations in the home
  • Wide variety of styles
  • Products of different prices
  • Free access


  • They do not offer the products directly
  • Only act as an intermediary and review site

Complaints and opinions

Regarding the complaints made directly about The Spruce, these are very few. Practically, the problems presented by its users are non-existent. Some users indicate that the platform can be a bit complicated to use. However, this has no real influence on the articles found on the platform.

On the other hand, there are some complaints about the payment method on the site. As it is simply a platform for reviews and recommendations, there is no way to make a purchase directly from The Spruce. You need to go to the product provider’s website to make the transaction. This may be considered a bit cumbersome by more than one user.

Other than these complaints, visitors to The Spruce are very satisfied with the content of their website. They find quality information with ideas for all kinds of tastes. Even product sellers are satisfied with the objective to be met by the platform.

To Conclude

The Spruce is the perfect site if you are looking to make a change in your home without knowing where to start. You can dedicate yourself to analyzing the list of items and categories on their platform to find the option that best suits you. Thus, you will have in your hands a series of alternatives to produce the change you want so much in your home.

This is not only limited to ingenious ideas to remodel your home. You will also be able to access a list of links to products analyzed by The Spruce’s team of experts. The fact that they are marketed by other stores will allow you to expand your decorating options even more.

In short, we recommend using their website if you are looking for inspiration to make changes in your home. You will not directly find a list of items, but you can enter a review and locate products analyzed, tested, and quality assured.

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